Cat Training & Cleaning

Train your cat to go in their litter box, and stop cleaning up messes around your home. Chewy has your cat training needs covered with quality training products from brands like Dr. Elsey's, PetSafe and Blue Buffalo. Imagine, no more mopping up accidents from your wood floor, or scrubbing away carpet stains. House train your cat with the help of training aids. Need help finding out how to train cats? In some cases, the secret is in the cat litter. Cat litter training is a lot easier when your kitty enjoys the litter box. How do you create an attractive litter box? Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter uses a variety of herbs that can ignite a kitten's curiosity and attract them to the box. Dr. Elsey's grounds the litter to a granule size and texture perfect for a kitten's tender paws. The litter is 99% dust free, and provides hard clumping.Want to train your cat to stay away from your designer furniture? Try the PetSafe Ssscat Pet Deterrent product. It's motion sensor delivers an odorless, safe spray any time your curious kitty crosses any off-limit area, discouraging them from coming back. The PetSafe ScatMat Electronic Pet Training Mat is another efficient way to keep adventuring feline's from jumping on and ruining countertops and furniture. The mat turns on with the flick of a switch. There are three intensity levels to help you effectively train your cat. The indicator light reveals just how many times your pet touched the mat. Some pet parents believe the key to cat training are tasty cat treats. Chewy carries a variety of tasty, healthy treats perfect for training your feline friend. The best cat treats for training are delicious, but also low in calories and ingredients. House train your cuddly kitty safely and effectively with cat training products from Chewy today.

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