Hands-Free Dog Leashes

Taking your dog on daily walks is part of owning a pet. But in this busy day and age, it’s rare that we get a chance to do so without the need to multitask. Taking your dog for a walk is a great time to bond with your pup while getting in some exercise time for yourself. But controlling your dog while jogging isn’t always an easy task. And if you go for a lengthy walk, it’s likely that you will need to bring along dog treats to refuel your pup, dog travel bowls and dog poop bags. But how do you maintain control of your dog while simultaneously juggling a multitude of items? That’s where a hands-free dog leash can come into play.

Chewy offers a variety of solutions for walking your dog in a hands-free way. Caldwell's Original hands-free leash adjusts comfortably around your waist at one end and attaches to your dog’s collar at the other, allowing you to take your pup for a stress-free run. The Squishy Face Studio hands-free dog leash belt clips around your waist and helps relieve the strain on your arms, shoulder and back that can happen when gripping a dog leash. And if you’re looking to take your dog along for a bike ride, the Petego Cycleash universal bicycle dog leash securely fastens to your bicycle and comes with a leash bar that keeps your pup at a safe distance from the bike. These hands-free dog leash options offer great alternatives to a standard dog leash.

A hands-free leash is also a good solution for worrying about dropping your smartphone, losing the garage door opener or scattering a handful of treats when your dog unexpectedly lurches forward to check out something interesting. Shop Chewy for the best hands-free dog leashes, other dog supplies and pet products.

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