Hedgehog Supplies & Accessories

Hedgehogs can be very rewarding pets to keep, but since their needs differ from those of other small animals, you’ll need certain hedgehog supplies to keep them happy and healthy in your home. Chewy carries a great selection of the best hedgehog supplies around, including essential hedgehog products for feeding, health and wellness and an array of hedgehog accessories that’ll make caring for your hedgehog easier.

You’ll need to start by getting a good hedgehog cage for your pet, and Chewy has a range of terrific options to choose from. Wire enclosures of about four-square feet with a solid floor are best for hedgehogs, and the wire spacing should be less than 1-inch apart. Once you’ve chosen a good habitat, set it up with places for your hedgie to drink, eat, sleep and eliminate. Cage-mounted water bottles are the recommended way to give water because they won’t tip or get contaminated, but you can use tip-proof bowls for providing water and hedgehog food if you prefer.

Line your solid-bottomed cage with lots of hedgehog bedding or fleece for burrowing and nesting, and put a few hedgehog hideouts in there for the privacy and darkness your hedgehog needs. Hedgehogs also benefit from having hedgehog toys and a solid surface wheel is a must for hedgehogs, as well. You may also want to provide a litter box for your pet since some hedgehogs can be potty trained. Choose a small animal litter box and fill it with hedgehog litter to ensure it’s safe and accessible for your hedgehog.

Chewy carries a range of other supplies you may need, including hedgehog treats of mealworms and bugs, carriers, cage cleaning products, nail clippers, playpens and first aid supplies for hedgehogs, too. You’ll find a wide selection of everything you need to keep your spiky buddy nourished, healthy and happy when you shop at Chewy.com. Check out all the great hedgehog supplies we carry and have them shipped directly to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What supplies do hedgehogs need?

The supplies hedgehogs need include a well-ventilated cage with a solid bottom, a water bottle and tip-proof bowls for drinking and feeding, and at least one hideout for hiding and rest. Hedgehogs also need bedding or fleece for the bottom of the cage, a balanced hedgehog food and high-protein worm and bug treats. Put some fun toys inside the enclosure and provide your hedgehog with a solid surface wheel for exercise—he’ll use it quite a lot and at night, so look for a silent one! You can also give your hedgie a small animal litter box with hedgehog-safe litter in it to make cleaning and odor control easier.

How do you take care of hedgehogs?

Take care of your hedgehogs by setting up a great habitat with all the essential hedgehog supplies and providing them lots of time to interact with you and explore outside the cage in a safe environment. Hedgehogs are unique, nocturnal and sometimes shy, so try to respect their normal schedule by scheduling activities in the evening and letting them set the pace on how much they want to interact with you. Be sure to provide lots of activities inside the cage, too, so your hedgehog will have something to do while you’re sleeping and he’s feeling most energetic.

How do I set up Autoship on my hedgehog supplies?

Set up Autoship for your hedgehog supplies when you order by simply clicking the Autoship option at checkout. You can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and change quantities and shipment timing whenever you want on Chewy.com. You can also easily cancel Autoship if your needs should ever change. Never run out of hedgehog food, litter, bedding or treats again when you use Chewy’s convenient Autoship service!

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