Ferret Hideouts & Mats

Ferrets are burrowing animals in the wild, so having a few ferret hideouts around for your pets is a great way to make them feel safe, relaxed and happy in their environment. Chewy carries a wide range of cool hideouts for ferrets, along with lots of other ferret-appropriate sleeping gear including ferret mats, hammocks, beds and more. Read on to learn how to pick the best hideout for your ferrets.

Ferret hideaways come in many different styles, so you may want to experiment with a few types at first to see which your ferrets prefer. You can find cave-style hideouts made from plush, straw or other chew-friendly materials, and choose from free-standing designs or ones that hang from the cage to save space. Tunnels can do double duty as both sleep and play areas, while sleep sacks provide unparalleled warmth and security for your little pets. You can even find hideout toys that look like cute animals for your ferrets to sleep in!

Consider putting ferret hideouts in all the places your ferrets will be spending time, whether in the cage, the playpen or out in different areas of your home. You’ll find your ferrets enjoy the privacy, and they’ll also use them for play and games. Heated or cushioned chew-resistant mats for ferrets inside or outside of a hideout can also help make any enclosure feel more like home.

Whatever hideouts you choose for your ferret cages, be sure to provide other sleep options, as well. Straw or paper bedding, hammock or mat-style ferret beds and even just plain old towels or t-shirts can become favorite sleep areas for your pets. You may also want to put a hideout, bed or tunnel in your ferret playpen along with ferret food, water and toys to make it more welcoming. Shop for all the things you need to make a comfortable home for your pets at Chewy’s online pet store. You’re sure to find the perfect hideout for your ferrets along with so much more!

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