Large Dog Crates & Kennels

If you’re looking for a way to help your big dog feel safe and secure at home or away from it, you may want to invest in one of the large dog crates made for precisely that purpose. Chewy carries a range of dog crates and kennels for larger buddies, including large wire dog crates, extra large dog crates, crates for travel, indoor/outdoor crates and more.

When shopping for large and XL dog crates, it’s important to consider your dog’s temperament and strength as well as how you’ll be using your crate before deciding what to buy. Wire crates provide good ventilation, lightweight construction and collapsible designs for portability, and many dogs enjoy the see-through grates on all sides. Soft sided dog crates provide slightly more privacy for canines and tend to travel well for indoor and outdoor use, but rowdy pups and more muscular breeds might need the added durability of a heavy-duty wire crate or even one made of steel. Sturdy plastic large dog crates can provide extra privacy and structure for travel and transport, and some even come with wheels to save your back.

Furniture dog crates are designed to stay inside your home and they come in many styles and finishes to complement your home’s décor. You can find large wood dog crates that double as end tables, large furniture dog crate styles that convert into stylish doggie gates and other clever designs that will blend into any room you put them in.

You can also find lots of cool dog crate covers and accessories to add privacy and comfort to whichever crate you choose. Privacy covers help anxious dogs feel safe and tune out stressful noise and activity, while weather covers, heaters and fans help make crates more comfortable for outside use. Dog crate mats and pads will make your crate comfy and cozy for your big buddy, and large dog beds work well for making crates more inviting, as well. Chewy has all the gear you need to create a safe space for your large pup at home or on the road. Shop our great selection of large dog crates and start assembling the perfect doggie den for your pup!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size crate does a large dog need?

A large dog needs a crate that’s big enough to stand up and turn around in, and the floor should be big enough for him to stretch out and lie down comfortably. Generally speaking, a 70-lb. large dog will need a crate that’s at least 42-inches long but pay attention to breed and build when selecting a crate. Slim and leggy dogs less than 70 lbs. may need a larger crate, while stockier dogs of 70 lbs. may feel just as comfortable in a more compact kennel.

Can a dog crate be too large?

A dog crate can be too large, and if there’s too much room in the crate, your dog may decide to do his business in there. A crate of the right size will be just long enough to allow your dog to stretch out comfortably to sleep and tall and wide enough for him to stand up and turn around. If you’re buying a crate for a puppy, get a crate that will fit him at his full-grown size and use a divider or cardboard box to make it smaller until he grows into it.

What is the biggest size dog crate?

The biggest size dog crate you’ll find is usually around 54 inches long. These XL dog crates will be appropriate for dogs 110 pounds and up and should fit even the biggest breeds comfortably. Always measure your dog before selecting a crate size and consider his strength and temperament when deciding how sturdy you want your crate to be. The Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Wire Dog Crate would work well for most big canines, and the MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate combines heavy-duty design with lightweight construction.

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