Ferret Litter

Keeping your ferret cage tidy and comfortable means having a good bathroom area available for your pets. Chewy carries all the ferret litter and ferret bedding you need, along with a range of great ferret litter box choices to hold them. Here’s a primer on litter and all the other stuff you need to create a hygienic space for your ferret to eliminate.

Look for ferret litter made of safe, absorbent materials that are dust-free and non-toxic for your pets. Ferret bedding and litter made of natural materials like paper, corn cobs or even pelleted wheat is a good choice, and you can even find some fun colored options to liven things up. You should avoid ferret litter made from aromatic woods like cedar as they can be toxic to ferrets. Likewise, clay litters like many cat litters are not great for ferrets, as they can cause respiratory issues and may even cause fatal blockages if ingested.

You’ll also want to choose a good ferret litter pan with high sides to contain messes and a low front for easy entry. You can find models that attach directly to the cage and space-saving corner models, too. Small cat litter boxes can work for ferrets, but they need to have a very low front for easy entry and preferably high sides to contain kicked litter, as well. There are also ferret cage liners available to protect your cage against accidents and catch litter box overshoots.

Most ferrets learn to use the litter box readily, but you can help encourage good behavior using ferret treats as rewards. Foster good litter box habits by following a few good practices. First, be sure to have at least one litter box per ferret in multi-ferret enclosures and habitats, as ferrets can be quite territorial about their litter boxes. Second, clean and disinfect your boxes every time you deep clean your ferret cage, ideally once a week, and consider disinfecting ferret toys, food bowls and water bottles then, too. You’ll find all the ferret supplies you need to keep your cage tidy and your buddies using their litter boxes in the small pet supplies section of Chewy.com. Shop our great selection of ferret litter, ferret litter boxes, cage liners and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use as a ferret litter box?

You can use a litter box made specifically for ferrets or small pets, since these usually have high sides to contain litter and the low front entry ferrets need easy access. You can also try to improvise with a small cat litter box, but your ferret may refuse to use it if the front is too high or make a mess if the sides are too low. Small animal litter boxes that fit in the corner of the cage work well and save space, especially for multi-ferret cages with more than one box.

Can my ferret use cat litter?

Ferrets shouldn’t use cat litter, as it can contain harmful dust and fragrances that can give your ferret respiratory problems and the clay can cause digestive problems or even serious blockages. A litter made specifically for ferrets is best, or the newspaper pellet type of unscented cat litter could work, too. Always consult with your vet before using a product not intended for ferrets.

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