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Should you decide to try to litter train your gerbil or just change how you line your cage for cleaning purposes, you’ll need some specific gerbil accessories to make it happen. Chewy carries a range of gerbil cage accessories for litter training your pet, including litter boxes and the gerbil litter that goes in them, gerbil cage liners and bedding, cage cleaning supplies and more. We can set you up with the best gerbil cage accessories for potty training your pet and help you find everything you need to keep your cage nice and tidy.

Provide a suitable litter box for your gerbil and fill it with chinchilla or small animal bathing dust. That’s right, the best gerbil litter is actually sand bath dust, and gerbils just love having it in their cage! Most gerbils will take to the box naturally, rolling around in it to bathe and then using it to relieve themselves afterward. Replace the sand in the box daily to keep it clean—you don’t want them rolling around in dirty sand—and choose a small animal litter pan with low sides to make getting in and out of the box easy. Alternative litters like small animal litters won’t attract your gerbils like sand will, and clay litters like cat litter can be harmful to your pet. Gerbil fleece liners like those used for guinea pigs also won’t work for your gerbil’s litter or bedding purposes.

Supplying a litter box will go a long way in keeping your cage cleaner and odor-free, but you will still need to thoroughly clean your cage every one to two weeks, with spot cleanings daily or as needed. Try using one of the convenient cage cleaners we carry on our site or use a solution of mild dish soap and warm water to wash everything in the cage. Be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry everything and return accessories, fresh bedding and your gerbils to the newly clean habitat.

You’ll find that litter training your gerbils can make cleaning your gerbil cage easier and let you go a little longer between gerbil bedding changes. Chewy has all the gerbil supplies you need for potty purposes, cage maintenance, feeding and play. Stock up on essentials like bedding, gerbil food and gerbil treats so you’ll always have plenty on hand, and shop for fun stuff like gerbil toys, cute hideouts and beds for your little buddies, too. Check out all the great gerbil accessories we carry and get started creating a clean, healthy and fun environment for your rodent friends!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can gerbils be litter trained?

Gerbils can be litter trained, but know that not all gerbils will take to using a litter box. Provide a small animal litter box filled with bathing sand and see if your gerbil will use it. Often, just putting a clean box in there is enough to litter train your pet, but you can increase your chances of success by trying a few tricks. Put the box in a corner or area your gerbil already uses as a bathroom (they often pick a favorite spot) or try putting some already soiled bedding in there as a scent cue. You can also try making sure all the bedding in the cage is fresh to avoid confusion about where the gerbil toilet is supposed to be. Reward your gerbil with treats whenever he does the right thing and hope for the best!

Can you use cat litter for gerbils?

You cannot use cat litter for gerbils, as it can cause respiratory distress and digestive blockages. Use bathing sand or a litter made specifically for small animals (although sand usually works best) and avoid scented substrates. Your gerbils will likely signal their approval with lots of faithful litter box use when you choose the right litter box and litter.

How do you clean a pet gerbil's cage?

Clean your pet gerbil’s cage by removing soiled litter or sand and bedding daily and deep cleaning every one to two weeks. Your weekly cleaning should involve throwing away all bedding and cleaning the inside of the cage and all cage accessories with a gerbil-safe, non-toxic cage cleaning solution or warm, soapy water. Make sure everything is fully dry before putting fresh bedding and cage accessories back in.

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