Cat Placemats

You set the table for dinner guests, why not do the same for your feline friend? Whether you have a sophisticated kitty or a fun, free-spirited feline in your home, Chewy carries the perfect cat placemat for her. Placemats for cats prevent dry cat food and wet cat food from messing up your hardwood floors or carpets. Cats can be messy eaters, and can sometimes track food all over your house. A cat food placemat can keep your cat’s paws cleaner and decrease your clean-up time. Make mealtime fun for your four-legged friend with a unique cat placemat from PetRageous Designs. For the fancy feline in your home, consider the PetRageous Designs Pet Paws Placemat in Pink, Cobalt Blue or Black. Simple to wipe up and clean, the slip-resistant surface also keeps your cat’s bowl in place. Pair it with the PetRageous Designs Pet Paws cat bowls to complete the dining set. If you are tired of your cat tracking cat food all over your floors after meals, consider Petmate’s Brushed Nickel Replendish Food and Water Placemat. The ribbed interior makes sure spilled food and water stay on the mat instead of on the floor or on your pet’s paws. It’s brushed Nickel design is modern and sleek. If you’re used to your cat tossing around his cat feeding mat, consider the JW Pet Stay in Place Mat for Cats. This cat food placemat isn’t going anywhere with its skid stop technology. The slightly raised bumps on the flat surface keep bowls from moving around. It’s specifically designed to keep your cat’s feeding area clean, and reduce time spent on cleaning up after pet messes. Make mealtime special for your precious pet with placemats for cats from Chewy.

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