Chinchilla Playpens & Habitats

Choosing an appropriate chinchilla habitat will help ensure your pet’s mental and physical health and make your life a lot easier, too. Chewy makes finding the right chinchilla cage easy, with a great selection of chinchilla habitats for sale, including large chinchilla habitats and playpens, compact enclosures, cute cages and more.

Chinchillas are quite active and love to climb, so a roomy enclosure with lots of vertical space is ideal. The best chinchilla habitats are usually wire enclosures with a solid floor, since wire bars resist destruction from chewy chinchilla teeth and a solid floor protects their delicate feet and holds bedding for them to frolic, rest and eliminate in. If you can’t find a suitable chinchilla cage with a solid floor and surfaces for them to walk on, you can cover the wire grille surfaces with a solid material to make it more comfortable for your pets. A slide out floor tray at the bottom will also make daily cage cleaning easier. Avoid plastic or wooden enclosures for chinchillas if you can, as these can be easily destroyed by chinchillas and may present an escape risk. Multilevel cages with ramps and platforms like those used for ferrets work very well for chinchillas, as they provide extra vertical space for climbing and running around.

You should also consider investing in a chinchilla playpen so your pet has a safe place to play outside of the cage. The best chinchilla playpens will be lightweight, portable, and escape-proof, with bars spaced one inch apart or less. Chewy offers several chinchilla playpens for sale, including both tent-style models and gated pens that can be used indoors or out. Playpens also come in handy for holding chinchillas while you clean their cage.

Once you’ve found the perfect habitat & playpen for your chin, line the bottom with chinchilla bedding. Put one or two chinchilla hideouts in there to give your chinchillas a comfy place to rest and hang out, and get them some chewable chinchilla toys to keep them occupied and their teeth nice and healthy. You should also put an exercise wheel in there along with bowls for chinchilla food and chinchilla treats, plus a hay rack and a water bottle to keep them fed and hydrated. Chewy carries all the chinchilla supplies you need to make your chinchilla cage a fun and comfy environment. Check out our great selection of chinchilla habitats and start creating the perfect home for your pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do chinchillas need in their habitat?

Chinchillas need places to sleep, eat, drink, play and eliminate in their habitat. Line the cage with a few inches of fresh bedding and provide a hay rack, food bowls and water bottle for your chinchillas. A nest box or hideout will provide privacy and a feeling of safety, and a solid surface wheel will provide a good place to exercise. Toys and especially chew toys are a must to keep chinchillas entertained and happy, and chewable toys are both safer and good for their always-growing teeth. You can also include a litter box in your habitat if your chinchillas are potty trained.

Where do you put a chinchilla habitat?

Put your chinchilla habitat in a calm area of the house away from drafts, direct sunlight, or excessive noise. Place the cage in a room where you will get to interact with your chinchillas regularly, but avoid bedrooms or other areas where their nocturnal activity may disturb you. Placing the habitat off the floor will help your chinchillas feel safer, too, so consider putting it on a stand or table, if possible.

Do chinchillas need playpens?

While chinchillas don’t technically need playpens, they are a great way to give your chinchillas time out of the cage and a chance to interact with you. Having time out of the habitat is very important for the mental and physical health of your chinchillas, and playing with them is the best part of keeping them as pets. A good playpen will provide ample room and safety for play and prevent unwanted and inconvenient escapes. Look for easily portable designs and those that can be used both indoors and out.

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