Potty Training for Puppies

Puppy potty training isn’t easy. It requires consistency, patience and positive reinforcement. It can take anywhere from four to six months for a puppy to be house trained, and some pups may even take up to a year. How long it will take can depend on the breed of your pup. Smaller breeds may be harder to train as they have smaller bladders and require more trips to the bathroom. Don’t worry if there are setbacks and your pup has an accident. Potty training for puppies takes time. Find puppy potty training solutions to ease the process at Chewy.com. There are many puppy supplies to assist with the puppy potty training process. When it’s time to start training your little one, consider puppy crates. Crate training is commonly used to prevent puppies from going potty in the house. You can make your pup’s crate cozy with puppy beds. She’ll enjoy time in her crate with puppy toys to play with. If you prefer your pup to have room for free play, consider puppy potty pads. The Frisco training and potty pads are super absorbent for extended indoor stays and have a fast-drying quilted top layer that prevents tracking. When you’re puppy training, your pup is bound to have accidents. Luckily, there are puppy cleaning supplies that remove stains and prevent odors. By getting rid of stains and odors, you can prevent your pet from marking her territory in your home. In addition to puppy potty training supplies, you’ll need certain puppy home essentials when raising your little one. A proper ID tag and collar will help others identify your pup should she get lost. There are many puppy collars with different styles and colors, so you can find the right fit for your puppy and her personality. You’ll want to get your precious pet the best puppy food that’s specially formulated with nutrients puppies need to grow. Lastly, puppy grooming and supplements will help keep your pup’s coat and skin healthy. Find everything puppy at our online pet store.

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