Puppy Medication & Healthcare

Grooming is an important part of puppy health. By taking the time to groom your pet, you can prevent tangles, bond with your puppy and also identify any potential threats. Brushing removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff. It can also help to release natural oils in your pup’s fur, which give her coat a beautiful shine. It can take a while to notice skin conditions or pests on your dog, but by grooming your pup regularly, you can identify any issues quickly. It’s very important to catch pests before they can breed and cause an infestation. Tools for puppy grooming and supplements can help you maintain overall puppy health. You can find puppy essentials for grooming at Chewy.com. Puppy grooming is important, because a dog that has become accustomed to grooming at a young age is less likely to fear it later on. Keep your pup’s fur healthy and clean with Burt’s Bees tearless puppy shampoo. Made with buttermilk, this puppy shampoo is free of sulfates and colorants. Honey helps regulate and retain moisture and strengthens hair follicles for healthy growth. Brush your pup’s fur with the KONG ZoomGroom brush to remove loose hair. It also helps to stimulate capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Proper nutrients are also important for your puppy’s growth. It’s important to feed your little one puppy food and treats. The best puppy food has extra nutrients for growing puppies. Food with puppy vitamins like the DHA found in fish oil, calcium and phosphorus helps pups grow strong teeth and bones. In addition to grooming tools, you will need other puppy supplies to care for your young pet. To avoid messes and strengthen the bond with your pet, you’ll need to potty train her. Find puppy potty & training supplies at Chewy.com including puppy potty pads and puppy crates. Puppy home essentials like dog gates keep your little one from wandering into areas of your home she shouldn’t be. Keeping your pup’s coat healthy requires flea treatment for puppies. To train your puppy to walk, you’ll need to shop for puppy walking supplies which include puppy collars. To stimulate her mind and motivate her to exercise, she’ll need puppy toys. Get everything you need for your precious puppy at Chewy’s online pet store.

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