New Puppy Grooming

Your pup will be the envy of all her fur friends with her shiny coat thanks to your proper grooming. Puppy grooming is an important pet parent skill. Not only does it strengthen the bond between owner and pet, but also keeps your puppy healthy and happy. How to groom a puppy involves more than just brushing her coat and varies depending on the breed of pet. Puppy grooming includes brushing, bathing, ear care, eye care, oral care and claw clipping. Puppy grooming and supplements can boost your pup’s coat shine and skin health. Keep your puppy clean and smelling fresh with the right puppy supplies. Brush your pup’s coat with the KONG ZoomGroom brush to prevent matting and reduce shedding. Looking for a mild shampoo for young pups with sensitive skin? Consider Earthbath wild cherry puppy shampoo. Have a puppy who doesn’t like baths? Try Perfect coat puppy bath wipes instead. Caring for your pup’s nails is vital to avoiding breaks or tares, so make sure to clip them regularly. Remember to get a flea treatment for puppies to avoid infestations which can be dangerous at a young age. What your pup eats also affects how she looks and feels. The best puppy food contains the nutrients and puppy vitamins your little one needs to grow big and strong. For a shiny coat look for puppy food and treats with Omega-3s and DHA. In addition to puppy grooming, puppy potty & training supplies are important. Potty train your pup and avoid accidents in your home with puppy potty pads or a puppy crate. Teach your puppy to walk with puppy collars. She’ll need to be trained to go for walks. Don’t forget to keep your puppy’s mind and body stimulated with puppy toys. Get these puppy home essentials and more at our online pet store.

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