New Puppy Food & Treats

Puppies are vulnerable and need special care from their human parents. Proper puppy care starts with the right puppy food and treats formulated just for them. You’ll find top puppy food and treats at From ages six to 12 weeks, growing puppies need specially formulated nutrition to meet their nutritional needs. Adult dog food doesn’t contain everything you’re little one needs, so don’t just give them some of your other friend’s food. During the first few weeks your pup will require four feedings a day to stay nourished. If your pup is a larger breed, she will typically require un-moistened dry food by nine to ten weeks, 12 to 13 weeks for smaller breeds. The best puppy food has higher nutritional density. Puppies like treats too, and you will find a great selection of delicious puppy treats at For pups who like a soft, chewy treat, consider Wellness soft puppy bites made with lamb and salmon and grain-free. Chewy has more than puppy food and treats. While you are shopping for your puppy, get all the puppy supplies she needs to stay healthy. Don’t forget puppy crates. Crate training is an important part of being a pet parent. Keep your pup from peeing where she shouldn’t with puppy potty and training supplies. Give your pup somewhere cozy to sleep with the perfect puppy bed. There are many types of puppy beds to choose from including elevated beds, orthopedic beds, bolstered beds and more. Your little one needs puppy toys to stimulate their minds and motivate physical activity. Find toys that are the right size and shape for your smallest friend. Keep her safe with puppy collars and personalized ID tags. Keep your pup’s coat shiny and healthy with the best puppy grooming products. Visit Chewy’s online pet store for everything your puppy needs to grow into a strong, happy dog.

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