Retractable Dog Leashes

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to exercise him but can also be an important means of providing your pup with some much-needed stimulation. Dogs are naturally curious animals, therefore they love to sniff and explore their surroundings. But a standard 5-foot dog leash is often restricting to a dog that wants to wander off to check out an enticing patch of grass that you might pass by on your walk. That’s where a retractable leash can come in handy. These leashes allow for your dog to wander off a bit further than a standard dog leash to give your curious four-legged friend a chance to freely sniff out his environment. Aside from giving your pet more room to explore, retractable dog leashes are very similar to a standard dog leash. They clip onto a dog collar and even give pet parents the option to lock in a certain length during a walk. And the leash’s retractable feature allows for pet parents to reel in their pups when they need to.

Chewy offers a variety of retractable dog leashes that come in a different sizes and colors. The Frisco reflective tape retractable dog leash, for instance, can accommodate a tiny breed with a 12-foot retractable lead, all the way up to a large dog with a 16-foot retractable lead. The Flexi New Neon retractable tape dog leash is outfitted with neon-colored tape and a reflective sticker that allows for better visibility in all weather conditions. And for parents of multiple pets, Chewy has a variety of dog double leashes and couplers like the Wigzi Dual Doggie gel retractable leash has two different leash attachments so you can walk two dogs at once.

Retractable dog leashes benefit both dog and owner. Dogs love having the freedom to investigate new smells, and pet parents can relax knowing that they still have control of their dog. For the best retractable dog leashes and other dog supplies, shop Chewy's online pet store.

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