Training Dog Slip Leads

Training your dog to master a variety of tricks takes time and patience. One important cue is showing your dog how to master a basic walk down the street. Walking properly on a leash means that your pup will stay at your side without pulling you down the street or lagging too far behind. But puppies don’t come pretrained, and introducing them to a leash can take some practice. You can train your dog to go for a walk with a typical dog leash or dog collar, but the use of a training leash can definitely speed the process along.

Chewy offers a variety of dog training leads that can be used to help teach a dog the basics of walking on a leash. These dog leashes come in a variety of lengths and styles and cater to a variety of sizes of dogs. The Halti Training dog lead, for instance, is a double-ended lead that provides a variety of functions such as dog training, easy tethering and the ability to walk multiple dogs on the same dog training lead. The 2 Hounds Design Freedom no pull dog harness and leash combo is a great tool for training dogs that have a tendency to pull, as it provides owners with the ability to steer their dog from the front. And the Mendota Products Pro-Trainer Check Cord dog lead gives your pet 30 feet of lead for training recall and is comfortable for pet parents with its soft rope design.

It takes some work, but dog training leads can take the frustration out of dog training by helping pet parents teach their pups how to walk down the street properly. Mastering this skill will ultimately ensure that outings are safe and fun for both you and your pup. And, in addition to training leads, Chewy's online pet shop has a variety of dog training supplies like dog training treats, dog training books, dog potty training aids and much more!

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