Small Animal Treats

Shop [hamster treats], guinea pig treats, rabbit treats, ferret treats, rat treats, and hedgehog treats at Chewy to discover delicious recipes your small pet will love. While giving large pets treats as a reward is common practice, some small pet parents wonder if it's okay to treat. Small pet treats are used to reward a pet for good behavior, no matter the size. On Chewy you can shop by species, so you can find the perfect small pet treats to reward your furry friend that are safe and healthy for their specific biology. Whether you have a happy hamster or cherished chinchilla, your pet requires specific nutrients to stay healthy. Small pets require different nutrients to keep them at optimal health. Chewy features pet specific treats from top brands like Kaytee, Oxbow, CareFresh and Brown's. Try Kaytee Natural Timothy Cubes for your blissful bunny, or Oxbow hay twists for your gnawing guinea pig. Give your bunny treats that are high in fiber content to promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Small pets like guinea pigs and hamsters often require hay to supplement their food. Fortunately, Chewy carries a variety of small pet hay treats that contain natural Timothy hay. Reviewed as one of the top and most popular hay brands, Timothy hay is a small pet favorite. Alfalfa hay is also a great way to treat small pets. Many hamster treats with fruit and other small pet treats with fruit are even more enjoyable for your precious pet. Brown's Tropical Carnival Rabbit Food is a pellet food and treat all in one package. It contains a medley of fruits, seeds and veggies for a delicious recipe your rabbit will love. It is also packed with dietary fiber, which makes it great for improved digestion. Prepackaged small pet treats are designed to provide your tiny pet with essential vitamins and nutrients they require from their daily diets. When it comes to small pet treats, shop Chewy for the tastiest rewards for your tiny pet.

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