Cat Waterers

Your pretty kitty needs water, but if she has a low thirst drive, she won’t drink the water she needs. Pets don’t like stale water. If your cat has a low thirst drive, she’ll need fresh water to inspire her to drink from cat water bowls. If you don’t have time to constantly replenish your cat’s water, cat water dispensers deliver fresh water automatically. Find an automatic cat water dispenser at For fans of stainless steel, there’s the Drinkwell 360 stainless steel pet fountain. A cat waterer delivers water to your cat’s bowl once the water level decreases to a certain level ensuring the water doesn’t go stale. A cat self waterer not only saves time and takes care of your cat’s water when you’re too busy or out of the house, but also prevents other pets from drinking her water. If you have a picky drinker on your hands, she might prefer the steady stream of cat water fountains. For example, the Cat Mate pet fountain has multi-height drinking levels with plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, cool water throughout the day. It’s also super-quiet, easy to clean and dishwasher-proof. Both cat feeders and waterers make pet care easier than ever. If your cat has a problem with overeating, cat feeders may help. By setting up automatic cat feeders in your home, you can establish a certain amount of food that is delivered to your cat to avoid overfeeding her. Like water, cat food can go stale and become unappealing to your kitty. Get cat food storage solutions at to keep your cat’s food tasty and fresh. If your cats make a mess when they eat, cat placemats will keep their water and food in their eating area and not all over your home. Get these cat supplies and more from today’s best brands at Chewy’s online pet store.

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