Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue Life Protection is a label of Blue Buffalo, who believes that pets are like family. A company of dog and cat parents, Blue Buffalo was originally inspired by Blue, a large breed Airedale who struggled with cancer. His illness prompted his owners to start taking a serious interest in all types of pet illnesses, which inspired them to create super-premium pet food that uses only the best ingredients. Starting with real proteins like lamb, chicken and fish, the idea is to feed pets with the same quality that humans eat. And what started as a humble beginning quickly grew into a successful company, and Blue Buffalo managed to do what few others have—they set a new standard in healthy pet food. Soon, they began working with a leading holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionists, and the BLUE Life Protection Formula was created. Offering holistic nutrition to dogs and cats, it went on to become the number one selling natural pet food in America.

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