Onguard Plus

Onguard is passionate about protecting cats and dogs from the discomfort and diseases that come along with flea and tick infestations. That is why they have worked diligently to develop efficient and effective flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats that will keep them happy, healthy and protected for up to 30 days. Each of their monthly solutions for flea and tick prevention is designed with the convenience of the pet parent in mind, as well as the comfort of your pets, without compromising the effectiveness of these preventatives. Onguard attacks both adult ticks and fleas, their eggs and all stages of development to break the life cycle and keep your pet and home pest-free. They believe that keeping your pet safe from pesky pests should be quick and easy, which is why they make sure their products are easy to apply as well as waterproof. With Onguard, pet parents can rest assured that their pet is always protected.

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