Green Tripe has been central to the PetKind brand since they began producing dog food in British Columbia, Canada, in 2001. They know the amazing impact of this nutrient-rich ingredient on the lives of dogs and cats, so they set out to ensure Green Tripe was the leading ingredient in their TRIPE DRY assortment of recipes. All of their tripe is sourced from top-quality suppliers in Canada and New Zealand and is CFIA-approved for human-edible consumption–they wouldn't have it any other way. PetKind's history of sourcing only the best ingredients is what inspires them. All of their products are made with organic Canadian and Peruvian quinoa, so they are not only gluten and grain-free, but also provide an added protein bonus. And, they never add potatoes, corn, soy, grains or wheat, which helps lower the glycemic index of their food, and that’s perfect for pets with diabetes. They know pet parents want the very best for their best friend, and PetKind’s passion is to help people provide their four-legged family members with a healthy, active and full life.

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