Scratch and Peck Feeds

Born from the need for clean, quality poultry and livestock feed, Scratch and Peck Feeds hatched when the founder was unable to find organic and non-GMO feed for her own backyard flock. As a health-conscious consumer, she knew that egg output was only as good as the feed input, so she began the process of building a family owned and operated feed mill, which opened in 2010 in the Pacific Northwest. Scratch and Peck Feeds is a Certified B Corp that works rigorously to meet the highest social and environmental accountability standards, using grains that are sourced from regional organic farmers. With the most heartfelt regard for the planet and their fellow living creatures, Scratch and Peck Feeds is on a mission to make honest and wholesome animal feed, lead the sustainable food movement by example, and provide feeds that are raw and whole-grain, Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Animal Welfare Approved.

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