Snoozer Pet Products

Established in 1985 in Greenville, South Carolina, Snoozer Pet Products was created with the intention of making and selling the best dog beds, dog car seats, and pet supplies & accessories around. And it’s safe to say that mission has been accomplished, with an incredible lineup of quality products that allow pets and their owners to enjoy life together to the very fullest. Snoozer Pet Products is family owned and operated, which adds that special touch to everything they offer and is part of what makes Snoozer pet beds and pet supplies so different than the rest. After just a few minutes laying on a Snoozer dog bed, cat bed or car seat, your pet will notice and appreciate the difference.

With quality and durability sewn into every detail of their cat and dog beds and car seats, it’s easy to see every measure that was taken, from the scent of real cedar shavings in the poly fill in their beds, to Snoozer Pet Products’ washer-friendly covers that are thoughtfully designed to be removed. Snoozer dog beds were created with an emphasis on how dogs behave, age, and what they really need with each design- and it’s all to keep them happy for a long time to come. Snoozer dog beds & pet beds come several varieties, including great covered dog beds and dog pillow beds, and orthopedic dog beds, and they come in durable and comfy materials like polyester, memory foam, nylon, mesh and microfiber. Purchase a Snoozer dog bed or cat bed for your animal to enjoy today, and you’ll quickly learn there’s no substitute for the best pet beds from Snoozer Pet Products!

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