Tiki Cat

Tiki Cat food formulas are made with the highest quality human-grade, all-natural ingredients and do not contain any compromised inferior nutrition sources. They have successfully identified and utilized the portions of each fish and meat source that are the most palatable to cats because they know that if a cat won’t eat their cat food, the healthy nature of the food doesn’t make a difference! In applying the same standards of quality to Tiki Cat as they do with their Tiki Dog food, Tiki Cat food is specially made for a cat’s unique needs.

With product lines including Born Carnivore, Velvet Mousse, Grill, Dash, Luau, Stix, Aloha Friends and After Dark, Tiki Cat food has a wide variety of food options within wet cat food, dry cat food, cat treats and cat food toppers. Your cat is sure to love numerous food options that Tiki Cat has available on Chewy.com.

Tiki Cat food comes in many delicious flavors and accommodates numerous special diets. Available in yummy flavors like fish, seafood, tuna, salmon, pumpkin, duck, chicken and beef, Tiki Cat also offers food options for cats with dietary needs like grain-free, gluten-free and GMO-free, as well as diets free of corn, wheat and soy, plus high-protein and low glycemic diets among others. With all the fantastic nutrition choices available, all dedicated to the particular tastes of your favorite feline, treat your little pet to some Tiki Cat food today!

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