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Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Calming Diffuser Home Kit for Cats, 3 Diffusers, 6 Refills

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Help kick kitty stress and tension to the curb with a little help from Comfort Zone’s 2X Pheromone Formula Multicat Diffuser Kit for Cat Calming. Feline stress in multi-cat households can lead to all sorts of problem behaviors like fighting and hissing. Comfort Zone diffusers release a drug-free vapor that mimics the natural soothing pheromones cats release, creating a calming environment. This helps make the area feel comfortable and familiar to your cat, which can also help reduce feelings of tension, stress and conflict. This kit is specially designed for homes with multiple cat companions and is purr-fect to use when introducing a new kitty to the family. Simply plug the diffuser into an outlet located inside your paw-tners’ favorite room and replace the refill every 30 days and the unit every 12 months to keep the good pheromones flowing!

Key Benefits
  • A veterinarian recommended solution to help keep your feline friend safe, happy and calm.
  • Most cats showed improved behavior after 2 weeks.
  • A drug-free way to help keep your cats calm and reduce urine marking and destructive scratching. Can be used to help reduce tension and fighting between your feline friends.
  • Contains two times the calming pheromones when compared to some other diffusers on the market.
  • Helps create a calming environment for your cat, without affecting other pets in your home.
What's Included

(3) Diffusers, (6) Refills


CAUTION: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. If swallowed, immediately call a poison center or doctor. Do NOT induce vomiting. If inhaled, remove from further exposure. If skin contact, wash with soap and water. If eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. Store in a well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. NOT FOR HUMAN USE.

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    6.603 x 5.563 x 3.563 inches
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    1.307 pounds
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Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon (a petroleum distillate) 45.00% Analogue of Feline Pheromone 5.00% Other Ingredients 50.00%


Plug the diffuser into an electric outlet in an upright position with vents facing a ceiling, near where your cat spends the most time. The diffuser uses warmth to fill a room with calming pheromones. The diffuser must always be plugged in upright into a wall outlet and never upside, sideways, or into a power strip/cord. The diffuser features a rotatable plug to ensure an upright placement in any wall outlet and an automatic safety shut-off to prevent overheating. Improper use may cause the diffuser to become discolored, increase order due to vapor residue buildup, and/or cause leaking. Use 1 diffuser per room. Replace refill approximately every 30 days. Replace diffuser unit every 12 months.

Multi-Cat Conflict Resolution

Cats living together don’t always get along, but your home doesn’t have to feel like a feline warzone. Almost half of all cat parents report behavior problems at one time or another, but the Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Diffuser can provide relief. By releasing soothing pheromones that mimic the ones cats produce when they feel safe, these drug-free diffusers can help reduce aggressive behavior and conflict in multi-cat homes.

Comfort Zone Product
Work like Magic

Works like Magic

Comfort Zone’s Multi-Cat Diffuser helps take tension down a notch with pheromones that mimic the hormones cats release when they’re happy. These friendly pheromones signal safety to cats, to help keep fighting, conflict and destructive behaviors to a minimum. Most cats aren’t naturally hissy or angry, they’re just responding to the stresses of living with other cats. Help cats behave by making them feel safe and calm.

Even Better than Before

Comfort Zone’s New 2X Pheromone Multi-Cat Diffuser and Refills has been reformulated with twice as many pheromones and a better odor profile. The newly improved diffuser design ensures a more consistent pheromone release that lasts for 30 days.  More pheromones and steadier diffusion help cats stay on even keel, so everyone feels less stressed and more friendly.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Every cat’s different, but most cats show improvement after two weeks of use. The diffuser plugs into a standard outlet and gently heats up to release a fragrance-free vapor of cat-calming pheromones. The drug-free mist is odorlessto people and completely safe for children and pets. Everydiffuser has an auto-shutoff feature to keep it safe and prevent overheating.

Whenever Cats Need to Feel Safe

Behavior problems can crop up out of nowhere, and they tend to get worse over time. Start using the Comfort Zone Diffuser at the first sign of conflict, to stop problems before they get out of hand. It’s also a good idea when introducing a new pet or person to the household, after a relocation, or any time your cats are experiencing something new and unfamiliar. We all need some extra comfort when things change. 

Cats Need to Feel Safe

About Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is dedicated to helping cats and dogs be their happiest, best selves. The proprietary pheromone technology in Comfort Zone for Cats was developed to trigger natural feelings of safety, so cats can get along and live harmoniously together. By helping cats break free of negative behaviors, Comfort Zone helps them and their people form stronger bonds with less stress and more love.

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