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Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver Genuine Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats, 6-oz bag

By Dr. Tim's
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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About This Item


  • 100% freeze-dried beef liver contains high concentrations of B vitamins, folate and vitamin A.
  • Packed with Coenzyme Q-10, which helps to support your pet's cardiovascular health and provides lasting energy.
  • All-natural beef treats are made with real, pure meat, with no fillers—so you can be sure your pal is getting the best.
  • Mess-free delicacy can be served as a treat, training reward or re-hydrated for a tender, juicy addition to his daily meal.
  • USDA-inspected beef was proudly sourced in Wisconsin—so, it's a local treat that’s sure to taste great.

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Play Video: Learn More About Dr. Tim's From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Dr. Tim's From Our Team of Experts

About Dr. Tim's Dog Food

Premium All-Natural Pet Foods and Treats

Dr. Tim's offers honest, nutritionally sound kibble, wet foods, dietary supplements and freeze-dried treats designed for every life stage. The high-quality ingredients include low-ash protein along with the right blend of carbohydrates, fats and fibers to allow your pet to lead a healthy life.

Foods Made to Match Your Pet

When shopping for Dr. Tim's pet foods, you'll notice the labeling indicates an activity level. That's because they're made to complement your pet's lifestyle, with ideal ratios of protein, fat, carbohydrates and fibers to help her thrive. You'll find recipes that are specially formulated for active pets, low-key pets, extreme athletes and those in need of weight management.


This food is designed for the sporting dog that's active more days than not—dogs who hunt or jog every day, herding dogs, police dogs and the like. It's made for maximum digestion, an important consideration for these dogs that's often overlooked. Protein types and levels, fat types and levels, and fiber sources are formulated to maximize performance and recovery.


This is a diet intended for the dog who lives a normal lifestyle—sleeping on the couch, running around the backyard or going on car rides, walks or hikes and basically just living the good life. The only regular exercise she might get is tail wagging when she sees you at the end of the day, or some loving nose nudges


This food is for dogs who are serious about working nearly every day for long periods of time, such as sled dogs and dogs who hunt most days of the season. It's extremely high in fat, high in protein and low in carbs, with the highest levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids and loads of antioxidants. Performance, endurance and recovery are all enhanced.


This diet is intended for the dog who has put on some extra weight. High protein allows your overweight dog to be more active, and moderate fat allows her to feel satiated so she doesn't beg—an essential part of the equation. The omega-3 and antioxidant profiles help reduce the inflammatory stress that's prevalent in an overweight dog, too

Treats That Deliver

Dr. Tim's freeze-dried treats are formulated for both cats and dogs—perfect for multipet households. They're made from 100% real, USDA-inspected meats from Wisconsin. And since they're freeze-dried, you can give your pet all the nutrition and flavor of raw meat without any of the mess or inconvenience.

Top It Off With Nutrition

Dr. Tim's Flavor Booster is made of 100% real, USDA-inspected beef liver powder from Wisconsin that is freeze-dried to maintain more nutrients. It's perfect for use as a food topper to encourage pets to eat and enjoy their meals, which makes it a great choice for finicky dogs or those who are ill or tired of the same formula.

About Dr. Tim's

As a veterinarian and accomplished musher, Dr. Tim Hunt understood his dogs' need for a food that promotes stamina, endurance and performance through proper digestion. Armed with a cement mixer, a cache of ideas, and an aversion for other diets on the market, Dr. Tim took to his Michigan garage on a mission to formulate a food that replicated a natural, wild diet for his Alaskan Huskies. Today, Dr. Tim's focus has since expanded to bring an honest, nutritionally sound food—sourced only from North America's highest quality ingredients—to every dog.
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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
24 Reviews
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24 Customer Reviews

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lisa on Feb 22, 2023

dogs love them

Dogs love these! When I get them out my Aussie tries to eat the other dogs treats.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Bern on Jan 12, 2022

One of three cats can’t live without these!

My review is simple. I was looking for a healthy snack for my three cats. I gave these a try and thought they were a bust since two of my cats immediately walked away. My cat Belle really loves them to the point that at morning treat time, she sits in front of the drawer where I keep them. The other two haven’t given them a second thought since their original sniff. With that in mind, I’ll add that Belle (who likes these treats) also has a palate for many other things the other two don’t sniff twice at. That might tell you your chances of your feline enjoying them. Just fyi, I keep buying them! I can’t deny Belle one of her life’s pleasures!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By monique on Dec 22, 2021

The Extra Treat for Dog Training

Dr. Tim's liver treat is a wonderful liver treat that I mix into my treat pouch to give my poodle a more intense flavored treat on our walks or training sessions. It's a very healthy treat, which I chop up into smaller pieces given it's a freeze dried treat and do not want to give her too many. I do carry water in case she gets thirsty.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lizzie on Dec 3, 2020

Our dog loves them

We have a little 8-lb rescue who is an extremely fussy eater. She consistently LOVES these treats. Yes, the size is inconsistent, but she doesn't mind ;-)

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By KitKatX2 on Jul 28, 2019

Not for my cats

Bought these for my cats. The pieces are very large. Broke one up and neither cat was interested. I would say these are better suited for dogs. I’m going to see if my parents dogs like them...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Lorax on May 2, 2019

Better for dogs

This treat is too hard for cats to eat so our dog rules and seems to enjoy them!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Buzz on Feb 11, 2019

Dogs love it!

Our two small dogs love the food. Makes a great dry snack/treat as well. A bit on the pricey side tho...

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Larry on Mar 31, 2018

Just awful!

I had gotten dehydrated liver from the vet and my dogs absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I did not note the brand name so I tried Dr. Tim’s since it rated so highly. My dogs could not even eat it. The tub was mostly sharp overcooked pieces that the dog just spit out. The remainder (about 20%) was all powder. When I cracked a few pieces they had the consistency of wood chips. If I did not know better, I would think they WERE wood chips. My dogs seemed to think so too. I checked the brand they have with the vet and it is Stewarts. The chunks are a little large for one of my dogs so I have to cut them in half but my dogs absolutely LOVE them. There is almost no poweder either. Do yourself a favor and buy Stewarts brand instead.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By FurMama on Apr 26, 2018

Great For Training Reward

Both my fur kids love these. I give them these as a training reward and after their walk

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Caviemom on Mar 15, 2018

Healthy treats

My dog loves the freeze dried liver treats and I like that they are all natural.