Prednisolone Compounded Transdermal for Cats

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Prednisolone is a steroid that may be prescribed for allergies, cancer, joint pain, arthritis, and skin infections. Prednisolone Compounded transdermal comes in a Topi-CLICK Micro transdermal pen to more accurately administer medications made specifically for your pet.

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Learn More About Prednisolone Compounded From Our Team of Experts

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Rated 4.3684 out of 5 stars
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18 Customer Reviews

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By donziius on Aug 16, 2023

So much easier than the pills

Was giving our cat the pills for about a month before getting this product. We literally had to burrito wrap him and force it down his mouth with a pill shooter. It became harder and harder until he would hide from us as soon as I opened the cupboard. This is so much easier to administer, just roll it around in his ear using the tip of the container so it rubs in. They advise you to wear a glove if you are going to use your finger to rub it in. I got the 6 mil container and I use 2 clicks for the dose of 5mgs. It should last for at least 2 months

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Percy on Aug 7, 2023

Gave me back my boy

My 13 year old Percy has IBD. It was managed with a steroid shot at first but when that wasn’t enough, we started this transdermal pred. His vet is skeptical about transdermal meds but agreed to try. His diarrhea went away completely after a couple of weeks. He saw an internist who increased the dose but sang praises about transdermal meds. Unfortunately we also got the news he has small cell lymphoma now so we added a chemo med. but he’s really doing well! And he actually likes getting his special ear medicine most of the time.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By KBMT on Jun 23, 2023

Easy to Use

Due to a kennel virus he acquired as a rescue kitten, our 8-year-old cat, Hershey, has had an autoimmune disease his whole life. Without medication, when he gets a periodical flare up he develops painful ulcers on his paws and itchy sores and scabs all over his body. Previously, we'd had prednisolone in liquid form and it was a disaster trying to give it to him directly. We tried mixing it in wet food, but he caught on to that and stopped eating anything other than his kibble, and he wouldn't accept the medication in his kibble. Our vet recommended trying the transdermal compound from Chewy. We weren't really sure how he'd react, but 1 "click" is a tiny amount and it absorbs very quickly into his ear, so Hershey just thinks he's being loved on with an ear massage. Thank you, Chewy, for offering this medication option, it helps us keep our boy happy and healthy!!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By JessesMom on May 18, 2023

Fast, easy, good price, effective

It was easy to order Chewy Pharmacy's Prednisolone compounded transdermal (steroid cream applied to cat's ear). Chewy will even call your veterinarian for the prescription. The price was good and the shipping was fast. Most importantly, the medication is effective, and the click-tube container it comes in makes dosing simple. You just turn the bottom of the plastic tube and click the number of times required for your dose. The measured dose of prednisolone cream is pushed out at the top of the tube. You can either use the top of the tube to directly apply it to your cat's ear, or use a gloved finger to take it from the tube top and apply to your cat's ear. I read one review that complained that the medicine was too liquid -- not true -- the consistency is like a lotion or cream, and it is the same as I received from a different compounding pharmacy. My cat Jesse actually enjoys getting his dose of medicine (with extra pats and neck rubs and hugs from me of course).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lucy on Mar 24, 2023

This medication format is a godsend

It has always taken two people to restrain my cat to get extremely bitter oral meds into my cat. It disrupts the whole day, and we come away with scratches. This transdermal medication is so easy to apply, my cat doesn't even flinch or look up from his food bowl when I approach with it. Its packaging also makes it easy to apply without touching so no gloves needed. Truly a lifesaver, and makes for a much more positive relationship with your cat day to day!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By DjaNC on Mar 23, 2023

Very convenient

Our cat requires multiple daily medications and is impossible to pill or give liquid medications to. It became a daily nightmare trying to medicate. He began hiding or running from us making life miserable for all. This topical compounded medicine, easily applied to his ear, is fantastic! So easy to apply and has made life reasonable when interacting with our cat again! Life is better!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Nadine on Jan 29, 2023

So much easier than oral administration

This product works just as well as oral prednisolone and is so much easier to give to my cat. No more running away or batting at my hands as I shove a syringe in his mouth, just pets while I rub the ointment into his ear.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By tdbugsy on Mar 27, 2023

An applicator that is easy and works

This was less expensive than my other provider and the applicator is much easier and reliable to work.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Debo on Nov 4, 2022
Top 500 Contributor

Easy to administer

One of my Cats has IBD, I have to give her 3 medications daily, 2 are only available orally. I am so happy at least one of the medication is available as a transdermal application.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By RileysMom on Jul 3, 2022

Very easy to use

Applying the compounded transdermal medication is so easy. What a relief after struggling with a kitty who ALWAYS knows when the treat/food/whatever has medication in it. Delivery was quickly. Thanks Chewy Pharmacy. You have come a long way and are doing a good job!