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Ensure your fish get the nutrition they need while you're away from home without the mess of other slow release feeders with Tetra Vacation Tropical Slow Release Fish Feeder Food. Unlike plaster slow release feeders, Tetra Vacation Tropical Slow Release Fish Feeder Food has an innovative gel feeder block that won't disintegrate on its own and cloud the water. Just leave it in your aquarium to encourage natural foraging.

Key Benefits

  • Plaster-free, gel-based feeders won't cloud aquarium water or foul water parameters since the feeder won't disintegrate on its own
  • Vitamins and nutrients help support fish's immune systems
  • If the block isn't fully consumed when you return from vacation, leave it in your aquarium for your fish to encourage natural foraging behavior
  • Feeds while you're away intended for freshwater aquariums.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients and no plaster

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    Tropical Freshwater
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Nutritional Info


Daphnia, Agar Agar, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum, Yeast Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Inositol, Niacin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, A-Tocopherol Acetate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin Palmitate, Cyanocobalamin, Cholecalciferol, Biotin

Feeding Instructions

If the block isn't fully consumed when you return from vacation, leave it in your aquarium for your fish to encourage natural foraging behavior.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you peel off lid?

Yes, you peel the lid, and remove it from the tinfoil/aluminum bottom as well.

Hi, I have a beta fish in a 4 gallon tank. Is this food for beta too? Do I put half of the tablet for 1 fish for 1 week?

Yes, bettas can eat this food, although they can be pretty picky and may not readily do so. We would recommend 1/4 tablet for 1 week if there is only a betta in the tank.

Hi...I have 2 goldfish and am going away for 8 days. I was going to use the holiday block but I thought I'd try them with it first. Can you tell me what way it works...are they supposed to eat it. If they are then it's not working or they don't like it.

If your goldfish have not seen 1 of these before, they may be a bit leery of it. We usually recommend breaking a small piece off, crumbling, and dropping it in at the same time you drop the block in to help the fish to understand this is new food for them. Additionally, we do put a certain ingredient in to make it a little less appealing so they do not consume it too quickly.

Hi! Is the block safe to be in aquarium for more than 14 days? (Up to about 20 days) Feeding my 3 Polka Dot Loaches and 1 Bristlenose Pleco in a 30 gallon tank & they wont be able to finish up the 14 days block until our return from 20 days holiday.

Yes, 20 days should be okay, but do remove it immediately upon return. Also, make sure the filter is in good shape prior to leaving, and do a partial water change as well. Leaving the tank in great shape is the best thing you can do for your fish.

Can this be used for a single triop in a very small 1L plastic tub with no filtration for 6 days? I can't find anyone else to feed it and she (?) seems quite enthusiastic about eating it when I tested her today.

One more thing I just thought of, check to see if you have any pet sitters in your area who will do a home visit for you. You can contact your local small animal veterinarian or visit www.petsit.com, the site for Pet Sitters International.

Can I use this to feed 5 guppies in a 2 - gallon tank while I am gone for 10 days?

Thank you for your interest in this Tetra product! No, we would not recommend feeding such a large block of food to that small of a tank. Our recommendation would be to do a partial water change prior to leaving, and use only 1/4 of the block for the full 10 days.

I have 2 reasonable sized angel fish,1 neon and 2 bristlenosed catfish in 1 tank. I have 4 neons,3 bristlenosed and 4 black widows in another tank. Is your tetra vacation care block going to be suitable for these types of fish or get someone to feed each day

Thank you for your interest in this Tetra product! Yes, this food is suitable for all of those fish. That being said, the plecos may not eat it, however, as it is not algae based. It is more of an omnivore diet. The tetras and angels will definitely eat it, but you may want someone to stop in every couple of days to feed the plecos.

We have 5 small GloFish in a 5 Gallon tank. Will the GloFish instinctively find the feeder on the bottom? Somebody told me if I put it by the aerator the fish can feed easier.

Thank you for your interest in this Tetra product! Not necessarily; it depends on the fish. We typically recommend breaking a small portion off and crumbling it into the tank as you drop the block down. Considering the size of your tank and number of fish, we would recommend no more than half a block for a week long trip. Take a very small portion of the other half and crumble it as you drop the half block in. They should then follow it down and understand this is a food source. It does not have to be right next to an aerator, that will make no difference.

I have 10 red cherry shrimps and 2 mystery snails. I'll be away for 2 weeks. Can I feed them with the vacation feeder?

The shrimp may nibble at it, but the mystery snails need algae, and plant matter such as romaine lettuce or a bit of cucumber rind. They will not nibble on this block. I would recommend perhaps using 1/4 of a block for the shrimp. Snails like some plants, so you might buy a piece of anacharis to leave in the tank for them. The shrimp would munch on that as well.

How many fish will the 14 day variety feed?

Depends on the size and type of fish and tank. There is a chart in the lower left hand corner of the back of the package that explains it. For 14 days, 1 block will feed a 10 - 19 gallon tank, so essentially up to 10 small fish.

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  • Ineffective

    By on

    I got this 14 day feeder to drop in my 20 gal tank that has about 10 tetras and three Cory catfish, while I was out of town for two and a half weeks. I got home and the thing looked like they barely nibbled on it. It certainly didn't feed them well. It appeared like the gel that holds it together was too much to for them to get through. Thankfully none of the fish died. It's been in my tank now for over a month and it's still more than 4/5th uneaten. Won't buy again.

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  • Left in a pickel

    By on

    I have six to eight fish in my tank, I had the temperature above 72 degrees I went out of town for 5 days when I got back the tab had not dissolved at all in my tank so my fish did not get fed those 5 days. Very disappointed. I will not buy this again.

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  • Worry free vacation

    By on

    This is a great way to go away for two weeks and not have to.worry about having somebody go in and feed fish. Have used feeder blocks several times in past.

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  • Did not feed fish...

    By on

    Not sure if I did something wrong. I took off the cellophane topper and put it in the tank. It floated. Did not sink. Got home after three days and the pan with the food was still floating upside down in the tank. Fish had not touched it. As an experiment when I got home, I took the food out Of the pan and it sunk to the bottom. The fish THEN began to eat it. It looked like a much better quality food than the plaster vacation feeders, but Either I misread the instructions or it didn't work.

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  • Fast fast Shipping!

    By on

    I ordered this a night and it was delivered the next morning!! Wow!

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