Ferret Bedding

Setting up your ferret’s habitat for comfort and hygiene requires having lots of bedding for ferret nesting, burrowing and elimination purposes on hand. Chewy carries tons of great ferret bedding options including paper and wood-based varieties, along with all the litter supplies you’ll need to keep your ferret cage clean and cozy

When shopping for both ferret bedding and litter, be sure to look for ferret-safe options. Avoid wood shavings like cedar that may have toxic oils and steer away from clumping clay litters that can cause respiratory and digestive distress for your ferret. The best ferret bedding is often made of paper or recycled paper pulp, but there are also some great options made from corn cobs, wheat, aspen wood and more that are safe for your ferret and eco-friendly, too.

You can use these litter materials as bedding for ferret cage frolicking, burrowing and nesting, put them in a litter box for elimination or both. Some ferret owners will put one type of ferret bedding in the bottom of the cage and another type in a litter box to signal which area is for rest and play and which is for elimination, or you can just use the same kind throughout.

Whichever kind of bedding you choose, make sure to change it frequently and thoroughly clean your ferret enclosures and habitats at least once a week. Stock up on all the ferret supplies you need to clean out and stock up your ferret cage, including ferret litter and liners for litter boxes and cages, bedding, ferret food and cage accessories as well as ferret toys, tunnels, playpens and more. You’ll find loads of great ferret bedding choices to help you keep their cage comfy, happy and clean!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put bedding in a ferret cage?

Put lots of fresh bedding in your ferret cage, as ferrets love burrowing and nesting in it. You can put some in an enclosed area or hideaway for sleeping, too, and you may choose to supply a litter box full of bedding/litter material for potty purposes.

What can I use as bedding for my ferret?

You can use bedding made from natural, absorbent materials like paper, corn cobs, or even wood pellets to line your ferret’s cage. Avoid softwood shavings that may have essential oils that are toxic to ferrets. Chewy carries lots of great options, including paper bedding in fun colors like Carefresh Small Animal Bedding, Blue, eco-friendly Oxbow Bene Terra Eco-Straw Pelleted Wheat Straw Small Animal Litter, as well as beddings made from corn and ferret-safe wood.

How often should you change ferret bedding?

Change ferret bedding and litter material once a week, and thoroughly clean the cage and everything in it including beds, food and water accessories, etc. You should also wipe down all hard surfaces including toys with a bleach solution and make sure to rinse and dry everything well before putting your ferrets back inside. Check your ferret cage daily and remove any soiled bedding when you see it.

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