Gerbil Beds, Hideouts & Toys

Furnishing a cage for your gerbils means making sure they have space to play, sleep and hide. Chewy carries a wide range of gerbil beds, hideouts and toys, including mats, huts, tunnels, balls, wheels, chew toys and more. We carry all the gerbil cage essentials you’ll need to make your gerbil houses feel like home, plus lots of fun items that’ll enrich your gerbils’ lives and make their time in the habitat healthy and rewarding.

Gerbil beds and hideouts are essential for making your gerbils feel safe and secure in their habitat, so you always should include at least one hideout or private sleep area per gerbil in your cage. You can find many different styles of hideout to choose from, from wooden nest boxes to hut and igloo styles, as well as hanging hideouts that provide a warm and cozy place for a nap. Small animal mats and hammock and pouch beds can also provide a cozy place for your gerbils to relax. Use extra caution when putting fabric items in your gerbils’ cage, as they will chew on them and the frayed fabric can present hazards. Always remove damaged items from your gerbil cage immediately or choose fabric alternatives like grass and twigs for your hideouts and beds.

There are also tunnel-style hideouts and cool cardboard play hideaways that work as gerbil toys, beds and hideouts all at once. Choose from cute shapes like cheese- or car-shaped play hideouts or pick a tunnel with cutouts for fun games of hide-and-seek. The best gerbil hideouts will be made from chew-friendly materials, so look for grass, wood or corrugated construction that will let your hideout do double duty as a chew toy.

Wheels and tunnels are other useful items to include in your gerbil cage for exercise and play, and an exercise ball can provide fun and excitement out of the cage, too. Be sure to provide lots of fresh gerbil bedding for your little buddies to dig and tunnel in—you can even sprinkle gerbil treats in there occasionally for an exciting foraging game. Chewy has all the gerbil supplies you need to make your habitat fun and healthy for your gerbils. Shop our great selection of gerbil beds, hideouts and toys and start building the habitat your gerbils have always dreamed of!

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