Bird Cages

Give your feathered-friend the best home possible and he’ll keep whistling a lovely tune. The best birdcages give your bird the space he needs to stretch out his wings, while the best birdcage covers create dark environments so your pet bird can get beauty rest without distraction, day or night.

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Small & Medium Birds Flight Cage is the perfect home for Canaries, Cockatoos, Finches or Parakeets. It’s a spacious home that’s made to house multiple small birds. This beautiful cage is made out of wrought iron, and there are two large front doors for easy access plus a bottom shelf for additional storage. This extra-large cage has four plastic double food cups and three wood perches, and it stands on easy-rolling casters so it can be moved from room to room. There’s also Vision II Model MO2 Bird Cage, a double-height, small-wire cage that’s specially designed for Budgies, Canaries, Lovebirds and Finches. This stylish cage includes a multi-grip perch that helps promote circulation and prevents foot problems. It also features a handy debris guard and deep base to keep food and waste inside the cage, as well as a no-drawer design that allows you to detach the top and easily empty the base. Prevue Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover is a dark, lightweight cover that goes over your bird’s cage to create a calming environment so your birdie can catch some zzz’s. It’s the perfect cover made with non-toxic, breathable, colorfast fabric that effectively blocks out light and sounds to reduce stressful distractions and stimulation. You can also take your birdie along with you on your trips and adventures with MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel Bird Cage. This glossy, jewel-toned, ruby-colored cage is specifically designed for travel with your pet bird. It has two stainless steel food cups, one cotton rope perch and one natural wood perch to keep your bird happy and comfortable during the journey.

Keep your best bird buddy happy and healthy with cages and covers that are perfect for your feathered-friend. Shop bird cages and covers on Chewy and keep your special birdie whistling.

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