Rat Cages

Set out the welcome mat for your paw-tner’s new home! Whether he’s just joining the family or your furbaby is ready for an upgrade, there are plenty of rat cages to choose from. The best rat cage is one that gives him space to rest, exercise and climb. Plus, it should have good ventilation and provide quick access to your furbaby.

There are many things to consider when deciding which pet rat cage is best for you and your furry friend. Rats are clever escape artists and wire bars should be no more than ½ inch apart. You’ll also need to choose the right rat cage size to accommodate those activities. For each rat in the cage, you should have 2 square feet of space.

Your petite pal is curious and loves to explore. Rat cages with multiple levels help make the most of his habitat while keeping him stimulated physically and mentally. Plus, they provide more space for playing, lounging and taking care of business. A multi-level cage is especially important if you have more than one furbaby so they can spend some time apart. And did you know rats are climbers? A cage with wire slats isn’t only better for ventilation—it’s also a built-in climbing activity!

Before you bring home your new fur-iend, it’s important to have all the rat supplies needed to help him stay happy and healthy. You’ll want to choose the right rat food to nourish your furbaby. He should always have water available to him, and rat water bottles are just right for keeping him hydrated. When your friend is ready to run around outside his cage, you can keep him extra secure in rat harnesses and carriers. Chewy is here 24/7 for all your pet needs, whether you’re shopping for rat cages or rat toys!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What cage is best for rats?

The best cage for rats is one that is large enough for your friend and has plenty of ventilation. The average rat needs at least 2 cubic feet for his enclosure. There are many cages available that will closely fit this 2 cubic feet recommendation, however, the more space your rat has the better, so consider getting a multi-level cage.

What do you need in a rat cage?

Things you need in a rat cage include necessities like food and water, as well as the accessories your buddy likes that make his home entertaining and comfortable. It’s important to have a rat hideout in his cage so that he has a cozy place to sleep where he can feel safe. Add rat hammocks and beds to provide extra places to rest. You should choose quality, dust-free rat bedding to make his cage ultra-comfy. Plus, you can keep him busy with rat wheels and balls. Rat wheels act just like a treadmill in his cage so he can run for hours!

What size cage do I need for two rats?

The size cage you need for two rats is at least 4 cubic feet of space. For example, the Prevue Pet Products Rat & Chinchilla Critter Cage provides plenty of room for your two fur-iends. This cage features multiple levels so your pals can explore from new heights and have a little bit of separation when they’d like time alone. Plus, there’s space for rat toys and plenty of bars for hanging rat hammocks and beds.

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