Rat Water Bottles & Feeders

Keeping your rats well-nourished and hydrated will be easier if you have the right rat feeders and waterers in their cage. Chewy carries a great selection of rat feeders, rat water bottles and rat food bowl styles to choose from, plus other gear that will make feeding and watering your rats a breeze.

Many experts recommend using cage-mounted water bottles for rats because they’re tip-resistant and keep the water cleaner. The best water bottles for rats will be made of chew-resistant material, have a sturdy, no-drip spout and mount securely to the cage or sit in a free-standing holder. You can use a tip-resistant rat water bowl instead of or in addition to a bottle, but you’ll need to clean and refill it daily to avoid contamination. Having a bowl of water in the cage also makes a nice bath for your rats—they’ll love taking a dip in it and splashing around for fun! Offering both a bowl and a bottle is a good way to make sure your rats have lots of options and plenty of water on hand.

Good rat food and water bowls will be made of chew-proof material and be cage-mounted or tip-resistant, as well, since playful rats will chew, move and tip their bowls over both by accident and for fun. You’ll need to find a bowl that’s small enough for your rats to eat out of without straining, or one with a low front for easy access. You can also use a gravity-fed rat feeder that dispenses food as needed to save you time and trouble refilling.

You probably don’t need to set up a separate feeding and watering station for each rat in your habitat, but you should make sure they have all enough room to eat at the same time to avoid stress. Make sure your feeders or bowls are always well-stocked with healthy rat food, and consider adding a bowl for feeding wet food or fruits and vegetables to keep things orderly and tidy, as well. You can also make feeding a fun game for your rats by scattering food in their cage or putting pellets in rat toys that dispense food and treats as they play. Refill all your water bottles daily and check for leaks or malfunctions frequently to avoid soaked and wasted rat bedding or thirsty rats. Chewy has all the rat supplies you need to set up comfortable food and water stations in your rat cages, playpens and rat carriers. Shop our great selection of rat feeders and waterers and start setting up a rat-staurant your little friends will love!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do rats need water bottles?

Rats need either water bottles or water bowls to provide a fresh and constant supply of water. Many rat owners will provide both a bottle and a bowl to give their rats lots of options and to make sure there’s always plenty of water available in case a bowl tips or a bottle malfunctions. Bottles tend to keep the water cleaner, but bowls provide a good way for rats to wash and play, too. Experiment and see what works best for your rats.

Do rats need food bowls?

Rats don’t technically need food bowls since they will hunt for their food pellets if you scatter them—they forage naturally in the wild—but having bowls for pellets, wet food and veggies can help keep things tidy and help you keep track of how much your rats are eating. Try different strategies for feeding your rats (bowl feeding, scatter feeding, food balls/treat toys) and see what they seem to enjoy most.

What is the best water bottle for pet rats?

The best water bottle for pet rats will be chew-resistant, cage-mounted and leak-resistant, ideally with a metal ball stopper mechanism. Choose a water bottle that’s specifically designed for small animals and mount it at a height that lets your rats drink comfortably without stretching or bending down and refill it daily if possible. Many experts recommend having multiple bottles of water in the cage to provide a backup in case one malfunctions, especially if you have multiple rats in the cage who may not want to share.

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