Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs

When it comes to getting rid of fleas and ticks, you have options. There are flea spot treatment solutions, dog flea collars, dog flea and tick oral treatments, dog flea and tick shampoos, flea sprays and wipes for your pet, and spray treatments for around your home and yard. A top pick for pup parents far and wide is dog flea and tick collars. That’s because they’re so simple to use. Just put them around your dog’s neck and they do the rest. Plus, they last longer than other solutions. While many topical flea and tick solutions last a month, flea and tick collars last from three all the way up to eight months before needing to be replaced. Here are some top dog flea and tick collar picks from brands like Hartz and others. The Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Collar lasts longer than some others thanks to a duo of active ingredients—imidacloprid which has been used in products recommended by veterinarians for years to control flea infestations, and flumethrin which effectively repels and kills adult ticks and larvae. These ingredients work together in this unique flea collar to fight against fleas and ticks. Virbac Preventic Tick Collar is a veterinarian-recommended tick collar that provides full protection and maximum effectiveness against ticks within 48 hours of placement. Each collar contains 9% amitraz to kill and detach ticks for up to 90 days. They’re water resistant, virtually odorless and long-lasting. Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar is a fast-acting collar solution that quickly kills fleas and ticks, and lasts for seven months. It features a clean, fresh scent and is water resistant. Whichever you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for use to ensure your tick and flea treatment is swift and absolute. For other great dog products likedog food, dog beds or even a new dog house be sure to shop Chewy's online pet store for great deals!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs

Do dog flea & tick collars work?

Dog flea and tick collars can work for flea and tick control or deterrence, but efficacy will depend on which product you choose. Some over-the-counter flea collars contain flea repellents that deter but do not kill fleas, making them suitable as preventatives but not good for infestations. Other insecticidal collars may kill fleas near the neck but leave other areas prone to fleas. The most effective dog flea and tick collars work much like topical flea preventatives, dispensing a long-acting flea control chemical that absorbs and spreads over the skin to kill fleas on contact. Talk to your vet about the best flea control options for your pup.

What's the best dog flea & tick collar?

The best dog flea & tick collar will vary depending on your pet’s needs. For deterring or repelling the occasional pest on walks, a high-frequency collar or herbal repellent collar may do the job. For more serious flea issues, a collar with a long-acting insecticide and insect growth regulation chemicals may be the best choice. Prescription collars may work better for your pet than over-the-counter products, too, so talk to your vet about what product might be best for your needs.

How long does a dog flea & tick collar work for?

A dog flea & tick collar can work for several months, but the duration of protection will depend on which product you choose. Read the product information to learn more about how long each collar lasts and discuss your options thoroughly with your vet before you choose.

Are dog flea collars safe?

Dog flea collars are safe, but be sure to buy trusted products and choose the right size and type for your pet. Prescription collars are more closely regulated than some OTC products, so you may feel safer choosing one of those. Some pets may also experience reactions to the chemicals in flea collars, ranging from mild skin irritation to more serious symptoms, so keep an eye on your pet whenever you try a new product. Always seek the advice of your vet if you are unsure which flea control products might be safest for your pet.