Double Dog Leashes & Couplers

Many pet parents own more than one dog, and walking both at the same time on a dog leash can be challenging. Holding two leashes can result in your dogs getting tangled up, which can be frustrating when you are trying to have a stress-free walk with your pups. Taking one dog at a time for a walk is too time consuming, and holding onto one dog leash in each hand isn’t always for the faint of heart. A double dog leash can help solve all of those problems.

Dual dog leashes are outfitted with two leashes that attach to one handle, giving you the ability to easily walk two dogs at once. Double leashes come in a variety of lengths and sizes, which makes it possible to walk a variety of dog breed duos. The Pet Fit For Life dual dog leash takes a dog owner’s comfort in mind by offering a soft-grip foam handle that is easy to hold while providing the desired level of control over the two dogs. The Wigzi Dual Doggie gel retractable leash not only allows for two dogs (up to 50 pounds) to be walked at once, but also provides the features of a retractable leash, with 10 feet of lead per dog using just one leash handle. Dog couplers like Caldwell's Original two dog leash coupler give owners of multiple pets the ability to transform any standard dog leash into a double-dog lead.

Double leashes and couplers allow dog owners to safely hold onto their dogs while keeping a hand free to carry things like dog treats and a dog travel bowls. A double dog leash also helps to ensure that your pets do not get tangled up. They provide an easy solution for the walking multiple pets at once, making them essential for any two-dog household. Shop Chewy for the best double dog leashes, other dog supplies and pet products.

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