Aquarium Gems & Accents

Every fish hobbyist knows that a fish aquarium has to be set up strategically to create an ideal habitat. Fish aquariums should provide a comfortable living space and should be set up properly to avoid having your fish get stressed or sick. Aquarium gems and accents aren't just any fish tank accessories; they can also offer benefits that you may not have thought about before.

Aquarium gravel, pebbles and rocks not only add to the ambiance of your tank, but they also provide the perfect place for beneficial bacteria in your tank to live. Believe it or not, the bacteria is essential in fish aquariums to help filter out waste, like plant debris. Also, aquarium pebbles and aquarium gravel can help keep live plants in place. Exotic Pebbles polished mixed gravel is 100% sourced from nature and is great for freshwater and marine aquariums. Or, if you'd prefer pebbles, you can use the Exotic Pebbles polished black pebbles. It all depends on the fashionable touch you're going for in your tank.

The Nature's Ocean coral base rock is 100% natural aragonite and not only decorates your tank, but it also acts as a naturally porous biological filter. These rocks adapt to the environment quickly and helps decrease nitrate levels. For a shimmering effect, try the Pisces USA Strata aquarium rock, which has glistening layers of all-natural quartz.

When you have a tinier tank, like a betta fish tank, the aquarium pebbles are usually the star of the show! Pisces USA Sapphire Betta jewels come in several different colors, so you can have fun picking them out or switching it up.

Start your fish tank off with essential aquarium rocks, gems and accents to create the perfect habitat for your fish. Find all your fish supplies at Chewy's online pet store.

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