Bird Books & Gifts

As you’re shopping for your usual pet supplies and filling up your cart with Chewy goodies, take a look around our virtual gift shop. It’s filled with bird books that tell you all about birds, with bird identification guides, bird care books and those full of interesting facts about birds. Take time to peruse the many home goods like wall art, mugs and signs, or check out the bird magnets and decals.

With our “for Dummies” bird books, you can get all the facts about birds that you need to know to care for birds as pets, raise backyard chickens or learn bird identification tips if you’re into birdwatching. Whether you’re an amateur bird keeper or just getting into birding, you’ll get expert advice, bird facts and step-by-step instructions on bird care.

Show off your enthusiasm for your feathered friends with colorful, to-the-point magnets that attach to your car or quality decals that you can put just about anywhere. No matter where you go, people will know that you’re a true bird lover who’s all about birds.

Embrace your love of these beautiful winged creatures and find out all about birds while you’re at it. These trinkets, bird books and home goods make great gifts, too! Pick out a couple for your bird enthusiast friends and they’ll know you put some thought into finding a gift that really suits them.

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