Rabbit Habitats & Habitat Extensions

Whether you and your favorite fluffball are roomies or he resides in the backyard, you can find the perfect rabbit habitat for him on Chewy. When picking out his home, you’ll want to consider ventilation, protection from predators—even counting those other furbabies living in the house—and the amount of space he’ll have for sleeping and playing. If you have an indoor bunny, you can choose between rabbit cages and rabbit hutches. Cages can save space and provide plenty of ventilation, while rabbit hutches are often a charming addition to the room. For your outdoor bunny, you’ll want a hutch because it helps protect him from adverse weather and predators.

Wherever your furbaby lives, the bigger the bunny habitat, the better! It should be at least four times as big as your bun, though bigger cages provide more space for fun and relaxation. Multi-level homes are a great choice to best utilize the space of the cage. Often, those also have hiding places built in so he has space to feel safe and secure. You can even turn his cage into a mini-mansion with help from a rabbit habitat expansion.

Chewy is here for you when you’re bringing home a new friend or taking care of your pal of many years. In addition to selecting the paw-fect new cage, you can explore our rabbit food options. When it comes to managing messes and odors, rabbit litter is a must-have for his litter box. Of course, you’ll find some special things for your bun, too, like rabbit treats and rabbit toys. Shop for rabbit habitats and rabbit supplies online with us 24/7. Hop to it!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best habitat for a rabbit?

The best rabbit habitats and cages will have plenty of ventilation, provide protection from predators—including pets and curious kids!—and are big enough for rest and play. A proper home should be at least four times bigger than your bunny, but bigger is always better. Rabbit habitats indoors can be cages or hutches. When your furbaby is outside, a hutch is your best option for safety.

Do rabbits like multi-level cages and habitats?

Yes, rabbits do like multi-level cages and habitats. This gives them more space for exploring, playing and relaxing without needing a wider cage. Often, multi-level homes have shelves or lofts to increase the space, which also provide great hiding places to help your bunny feel secure. For example, the Kaytee My First Home Giant Pet Habitat has two shelves to give your fur-iend new perspectives and her choice of hiding spots.

How big of a habitat does a rabbit need?

Your rabbit habitat should be at least four times as big as your fur-iend is. Some smaller rabbits can live in cages that are at least 24 inches by 36 inches, while bigger rabbits should have habitats that are 30 inches by 36 inches and larger. The bigger the cage, the better because it will give her more space to exercise, play and relax while waiting for her next turn out of the cage with you. Some rabbit parents accomplish this by getting a multi-level cage. Or, if you’d like to add more space to her current cage, you can consider a rabbit habitat expansion like the MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Wire Extension that connects with your MidWest Wabbitat home.

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