Reptile Sand & Gravel

One of the first considerations that must be taken into account when setting up reptile terrariums is the flooring—or substrate—that you will use to line your pet's terrarium. A quality reptile substrate will help keep your pet clean and safe from food and water spills, as well as urine and droppings. It will also help complete the look of a natural terrarium—helping your pet feel at home and reduce unnecessary stress on her. With a variety of materials available, from moss and bark to sand, gravel and more, which should you choose? Start with the type of reptile or amphibian you have and what her natural habitat looks like. It's always best to keep your pet's habitat as close to natural as possible, so if your pet's natural habitat is a desert, go with a quality amphibian and reptile sand like the Aqua Terra Aquarium & Terrarium White Sand. You'll find a range of colors, including yellow, red, brown and black, and a variety of textures, from finer sand to coarser walnut shells. Zilla Ground English Walnut Shell Reptile Bedding is the best choice for desert-dwelling reptiles like bearded dragons, monitors, skinks and uromastyx. The all-natural litter is made from ground English walnut shells to provide an attractive sand substitute that encourages digging and burrowing. If your habitat includes a pond, consider amphibian and reptile gravel to line its bottom. Exo Terra Turtle Large Natural River Pebbles are smooth river pebbles perfect for turtles with a shell diameter of 4”/10 cm or more. The variations of colors and patterns create a natural looking riverbed and are easy to clean. Available with stones, ranging from large to small, and in a variety of colors, you're sure to find the perfect gravel to match your habitat.If your pet tends to burrow in her natural habitat, consider a lighter substrate like reptile mulch, soil or moss. They deliver the perfect substrate for nesting and burrowing, sure to allow your reptile or amphibian to fulfill her instinctual needs. You can also consider reptile carpet liners which are reusable mats that are very easy to clean. For all of your reptile supplies needs, shop Chewy's online pet store for great deals!

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