Stuffed Animals & Toys for Dogs

Does your dog need a dog toy that he can play and cuddle with at the same time? If so, stuffed dog toys could be the perfect gift for your pup. What makes plush dog toys so great is that they are the perfect mix of comfort and fun all in one! Each stuffed dog toy stands out in their own way, and it won't be long until your dog carries his new favorite toy everywhere he goes. There are plenty of plush dog toys to choose from, so you can accommodate your dog's play style; there are even stuffed dog toys for the tough chewers out there (because all dogs deserve a cuddly toy!) and unstuffed dog toys. The KONG Dynos Pterodactyl Dog Toy is an ideal option for heavy chewers due to its reinforced lining, which will provide that extra durability to withstand your pup's chompers. Then there are the fan favorites, like the Multipet Lamb Chop Plush Dog Toy. People love it because it is inspired by the beloved lamb co-host of a popular children’s show, and dogs love it because it's soft and squeaky! If your dog goes crazy for dog ball toys more than any of the other dog supplies you spoil him with, then give him just that—but in a plush version! The Chuckit! Indoor Ball has a soft, textured fabric on the outside and has the perfect bounce for fetching indoors. Sometimes these plush dog toys are too adorable not to get, like the GoDog Dragons Grunters Chew Guard Dog Toy. This purple dragon is so cuddly and cute, but when playtime comes around, it’s as fierce as can be with its Chew Guard reinforced double-stitched seams and extra-tough liner. So, fill your dog's basket with dog toys that will always keep him coming back for more cuddles. Your pup can have tons of indoor fun with stuffed dog toys—after all, they are a dog's best friend!

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