Repashy Superfoods

Repashy Superfoods is a small, USA-based family-owned company that represents the lifelong dedication of Allen Repashy, the company’s founder. It all started with Allen’s passion for herps, which drove him to innovate products to help fellow herp lovers, hobbyists and breeders alike keep happy and healthy herps. Their products are uniquely designed to meet the needs of herps because they rely on the advanced hobbyist and breeder community feedback to help them define, develop and test new products, from calcium supplements to ready-to-mix foods for crested geckos, skinks, monitors, chameleons and more. Because their team is made up of dedicated hobbyists themselves, they relish the challenge to work with rare and interesting species, and enjoy developing products for smaller niche markets that are often overlooked by larger manufacturers. Plus, they strive to formulate and manufacture all of their products in their own USA facilities to ensure quality control and product freshness.

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