CREDELIO Chewable Tablets for Cats, 4.1-17 lbs, (Teal Box), 1 Chewable Tablet (1-mo. supply) -

Credelio Chewable Tablets for Cats, 4.1-17 lbs, (Teal Box)

By Credelio
Rated 3.9907 out of 5 stars
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Credelio Chewable Tablets for Cats, 4.1-17 lbs. comes in a small, flavored chewable tablet form and is prescribed to provide monthly protection against ticks and fleas for cats and kittens. Credelio is rapidly absorbed, and after 24 hours kills at least 99% of ticks and 100% of fleas for a whole month. This medication is easy to administer and can either be placed directly in your cat companion’s mouth or easily disguised in her favorite food!

Proudly sourced directly from the manufacturer or their approved distributor. Guaranteed genuine and backed by the manufacturer.

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Rated 3.9907 out of 5 stars
107 Reviews
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107 Customer Reviews

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Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By 4444 on Feb 2, 2023

Not the same product

I worked at a vet hospital for 4 years and naturally would purchase my flea meds through our clinic. I never had any issues with credelio until ordering through chewy. Clearly their stock is not the same. I tried it for 6 months on both of my cats and both became very itchy. Would not recommend this product through Chewy. Will need to cancel my prescription.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By kate on Feb 12, 2023

Senior cat developed head temors

I tried one dose of Credelio with my senior cat because she's allergic to topical flea meds. No immediate side effects, but later on I noticed her head would shake. One of the side effects of Credelio is tremors :( Hoping it's not permanent; I will not be using Credelio again.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Lisa on Dec 24, 2022

Caused my cat neurological issues

I'm beyond devastated. Never again will I use this or any oral flea medications on a pet of mine. Gave my kitty one pill on Wednesday and hours later he developed muscle twitching and head tremors. It's now Christmas Eve and although he's feeling better, his tremors are not gone 3 days later. I'm scared this is now permanent and it's my fault for giving him this medication, I'll never forgive myself. I'm just devastated. Words cannot express the anger I feel about this and at myself for trying this medication. There's nothing the vet can do because they're not seizures, they're tremors and muscle twitches.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Lisa on Jan 29, 2023

Gave my cat tremors and seizures

Within 12 hours of giving this medication to my cat he developed mini seizures and head tremors. Even after over a month since that one dose they still haven't gone away. It IS this medication, he's been to the vet several times, has lots of tests. I'll never forgive myself for giving this medication, this may be permanent now, we don't know.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MjrPayne3 on Dec 17, 2022

Works fast!

Both our cats experiences skin irritation and sores from topical flea treatment. They are both indoor only but somehow got fleas recently. The vet recommended Credlio. We crushed the pills and mixed in their bisque treats about 3 hours ago. Holy smokes! The fleas are moving because the cat is all over the place. We're combing her with a very, very fine comb to help get some of these critters off her. More than 1/2 are already dead. We'll be using Credelio from now on if it works this well. Chewy shipped it quickly thank goodness.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By alek on Jan 28, 2023

Do not buy - my cat had a seizure

Do not buy - my cat had a seizure ; or if you have to get this medicine give only one doze of this drug to your cat. Read carefully fine print - the seizure is listed as a side effect. My perfectly healthy 11 year old cat had a seizure (she never had a seizure before). PS: I hope that this site will allow me to give one star - it keep blocking my comment and not publishing it

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Tiana on Dec 8, 2022

Perfect for my baby!

My cat has very thick fur since she is a Norwegian Forrest cat. Trying to apply topical flea treatment just was not working, as it was so hard to move all of her fur to get it directly on her skin. She also has long arms and was able to lick the topical, which ended in at least one throw up. This pill has been a LIFE SAVER! Works perfectly for her, and she even eats it raw without hiding it in food.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Zmama on Nov 16, 2022


My cat ate these easily and the fleas fell off within a day of the first application and luckily didn't experience any seizures as a side effect, but she was scratching again within 2 weeks of each of the 3 treatments. A rep from the company explained that that's because larvae can still hang around bedding etc. and get back on the cat, but I've since relocated twice from where my cat got fleas, and shouldn't the product continue working throughout the month to kill new larvae anyway?? This product was already so expensive and now I'm having to consider buying a flea collar on top of that.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Misty on Oct 21, 2022

This medication is amazing!

Ms Kitty is strictly inside only so she very rarely has problems with fleas. We live in the woods and our yard stays full of pine needles. So we had some yard work done a few months ago and I suppose the fleas started hitching a ride indoors on our shoes and pants. My poor Kitty became a host for them. I tried a few products that worked for a moment but it did not help much at all. I came across Credelio on Chewy and read the reviews which were mixed and decided to give it a try. Because of the cost I only ordered one tablet to make sure it would work as advertised. I gave it to her about ten am and headed out for my day. When I returned home about six pm I could tell a huge difference already. She was not scratching and twitching her ears anymore nor was she chewing at herself anymore. She was so calm and relaxed and she seemed so happy finally. Definitely worth it to finally see my sweet Ms Kitty happy again!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Ezra on Nov 4, 2022

Mildly Tolerable

My cat cannot tolerate topical of any kind as he flips out every single time, gets a fever, pants, and runs around the house wildly. I am trying this oral flea med as a last resort honestly. It started working within one hour. When fleas start to die they must run around insanely because my cat started anxiously itching like crazy to the point where it even gave ME anxiety. After about 4.5 hours he finally calmed down and relaxed. Dead fleas were falling off of him as well so I knew it was working. I hate fleas and I hate flea medicine even more. It’s just usually a really upsetting time and process for everyone involved. Since my cat doesn’t normally chew anything “for whatever reason” I knew he would swallow the pill if it smelled good. So I wrapped it in a salmon pill pocket and be hate it right up, no questions asked. Literally one hour later the itching started. I took work off for the day so I could monitor him as this is the first time he’s taken it and I read about the seizure effects and whatnot so didn’t want to leave him alone. I am overall satisfied with the results but am guarded as it doesn’t get rid of flea eggs, just live fleas so I feel like this is going to be a long process. I seen a lot of people who said it lasts 2-3 weeks which at 3 weeks is kind of normal for flea meds which is why we administer them monthly. To get rid of infestations you must be diligent about washing bedding, carpets, and anything fabric related to reduce the fleas that linger around. One abnormal symptom that happened was my cat kept pawing at his eye and it was watering like crazy, not sure what that was about but it sure bothered him a lot. But hoping for the best overall. So far so good.