Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Original Flavor Wet Cat Food, 5.5-oz, case of 24

By Hill's Prescription Diet
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This item requires vet authorization.

About This Item


  • Clinical nutrition especially formulated to help manage your cat's dietary sensitivity and help reduce the possibility of adverse reactions to food
  • Formulated with highly digestible carbohydrates and fats to help reduce gastrointestinal workload
  • Developed with increased omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help nourish the skin and coat
  • No intact animal protein is included which helps avoid adverse reactions your cat might otherwise have
  • Added antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and skin barrier function

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Learn More About Hill's Prescription Diet From Our Team of Experts

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This Item – Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Original Flavor Wet Cat Food, 5.5-oz, case of 24
Rated 3.3723 out of 5 stars
$91.99Chewy Price

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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Original Flavor Dry Cat Food, 8.5-lb bag
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About Hill's Prescription Diet Foods for Skin / Food Sensitivities

Improving Lives Together

Groundbreaking Nutrition for Sensitive Cats

Cats with skin and coat conditions or food sensitivities can benefit from Hill's Prescription Diet d/d and z/d foods. Prescription Diet d/d has limited ingredient nutrition and a single intact animal protein. The Prescription Diet z/d food features hydrolyzed protein and a single carbohydrate source to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Many pet parents discover that simply eating the right food can help eliminate food-related causes of skin irritation and help avoid reactions to food.

Clinical Nutrition

With Hill's, it's not just high-quality ingredients that count. Their focus is on the proper balance of nutrients in every recipe. So Hill's has developed foods that are designed to help pets with specific health conditions, providing the right nutrients to support their health. Hill's alliance with veterinarians puts them in a unique position find a nutrition recommendation for your pet no matter what health issue your pet is facing.

Formulated by Veterinarians

Hill's Prescription Diet started with a veterinarian's belief that some health issues could be managed through nutrition. What began as a theory has now been proven through extensive research by a team of over 220 vets, PhD nutritionists and food scientists. The results can be seen in Hill's Prescription Diet therapeutic pet foods.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Providing a food that delivers exactly what it says it does is Hill's number one priority, in fact, they perform over five million safety and quality checks every year. They've established relationships with trusted suppliers and will only accept ingredients that meet stringent standards.

The Taste Factor

You might know that Hill's Prescription Diet is good for your pet, but she's only concerned with the taste. Even though they place a heavy emphasis on nutrition, Hill's hasn't forgotten about palatability. Savory ingredients are combined to produce foods with enticing aromas, textures, and shapes that your pet can't resist.

Find the Right Formula

Talk to your veterinarian about the right formula for your pet.

Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities

Original Flavor

Key Nutrients

  • Highly hydrolyzed single animal protein
  • Single carbohydrate source
  • High levels of vitamin E
  • Natural fiber
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Controlled minerals
  • Clinically proven antioxidants

Health Benefits

  • Promotes healthy skin barrier
  • Helps support immune system
  • Formulated to help improve stool quality
  • Helps eliminate food-related causes of skin irritation
  • Formulated to help reduce the risk of struvite and oxalate stones

d/d Skin/Food Sensitivities

Duck & Green Pea, Venison & Green Pea

Key Nutrients

  • Single intact animal protein
  • No soy protein or gluten
  • High levels of omega-3 and 6
  • Clinically proven antioxidants

Health Benefits

  • Helps improve digestion and stool quality
  • Leads to visible improvement in skin and coat
  • Helps maintain a healthy skin barrier
  • Supports immune system

About Hill's Prescription Diet

Hill's mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pet. Their Prescription Diet product line delivers clinically proven nutrition that supports common pet health concerns, from digestive and urinary health to aging and weight management.
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Questions & Answers

21 Customer Questions

What is in this that makes it require a prescription?
Answer by ChewyApr 28, 2018
These prescription diets are designed to help pets with specific health conditions, providing the right nutrients to support their health. Since they're formulated for specific medical issues, we'd require an approval or prescription to dispense this product.

Is this food pate style?
Answer by ChewyAug 18, 2018
This formula has a pate consistency.

How long cat I leave the cat food in a bowl for?
Answer by ChewyJun 18, 2021
Opened cans of food should be stored in the fridge to retain moisture, minimize exposure to air and reduce transfer of odors to other food. The best way to store opened cans of cat or dog food is to use a plastic pet food lid. If a plastic lid is not available, plastic wrap also provides a very good moisture, air and odor barrier. Zip-to-close bags provide good moisture barriers but do not provide good oxygen and odor barriers. Your pet’s bowl should be emptied of moist or canned food not eaten by your cat or dog within 4 hours if the ambient temperature is above 50°F. Opened cans should be stored in the fridge, at temperatures between 40-45°F, for a maximum of 5-7 days. Any cat or dog food remaining after that time should be thrown out.

What method is used to hydrolyze the proteins in this food? (acid hydrolysis, enzyme hydrolysis, ...)
Answer by ChewyOct 01, 2022
During the manufacturing process, chicken and chicken livers have enzymes and water added. This enzymatically breaks the protein bonds into short strings of protein instead of long, intact proteins. This process assures that the protein is broken down so they are too small to trigger an immune response.

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Rated 3.3723 out of 5 stars
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740 Customer Reviews

Always consult a veterinarian about your pet’s health needs. Customer reviews should not be used as medical advice.
Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Kiara on Nov 27, 2023


I really wanted to remain optimistic about this food, but it is very temperamental. Without any doctoring, it is literally chicken liver jello. If you accidentally add too much water, it's a soupy mess. Not to mention, heating it up and adding a little water doesn't even make it easier to mix, as it just seems to turn the food into a paste. Two of my three cats were recommended this around the same time for similar GI issues, and while they seemed to tolerate the wet food at first, it has been increasingly difficult to convince them that it's "yummy." It does not have an appealing smell or texture, so I'm not sure how we can even expect cats to like this. I'm happy for the cats who have had luck with this, but I'll explore my other options, which are unfortunately limited. I will say that one of the two cats really does enjoy the dry food, at least for now.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Stephanie on Nov 22, 2023

My Cat LOVES this

I had two cats. One now. The other passed away from HCM but also had food sensitivities. This food stopped his symptoms, and both cats loved it. My one cat left still eats it and purrs as she does so. It is a little awkward preparing it as it does have a firm gelatin consisitency, but just add a very little bit of water and form a "ridge" going across their plate and they eat it like corn on the cob. My cat who passed away did not like can food, however, he ate ZD more than he had any other. Don't give up!!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Sally on Nov 6, 2023

No luck so far

Ooh, so far my cat is not a fan of the wet version of this hydrolyzed food. She scrambled towards it when she heard me pop the top of the can open, then recoiled when she smelled it. I got the dry version first, which she does eat reluctantly, she just thinks it's boring. She needs this for her food allergy elimination trial. I will keep trying but I don't think she's going to eat the wet. $91 wasted on false hope. Poor little thing. From the reviews, it really works for some kitties, so it's just a guessing game. Too bad there isn't an option to buy a sample can.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Jennifer on Nov 3, 2023

Something Has Changed In Product

My cat has eaten this food for over a year now and something has changed in the way it smells to my cat - she will no longer eat it. Also, the texture is different. This is so unfortunate as she has cancer, and this food is prescribed by her doctor. It's been working well for some time until the last two shipments with the can expiration date of 8/2025. Chewy stood behind the product and sent me a free replacement - the replacement food still has the same effect - my cat will not touch it. Thank you for your support and effort, Chewy Staff. I appreciate Chewy's high standards and superior customer service immensely!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By victoria on Oct 25, 2023

A good idea, not sure it's working on my cat

My cat is 14 with what appears to be something like IBD (for about 4 years now). We have not had him scoped, so I can't confirm. Lots of diarrhea. It usually gets worse in the summer each year. He's really struggling this year. Down to 4.5 lbs. I can't say that z/d has been a miracle, mainly because I can't get him to eat it. He devoured the first can, but that's it. So...how I use z/d is that I feed him whatever very finely ground pate I can find. If he's begging for food but won't eat what I put down, I syringe feed him some z/d. So he's getting this mixed in with a lot of other brands. Using z/d along with prednisalone, he is doing a bit better. You can see the problem. I don't quite know what's working. I am grateful to have z/d as an option though. The consistency of z/d is almost like jello. It's not super easy to mush it up with a little water and get it into the syringe, but it works better than, say, Fancy Feast. Anyway, maybe it's helping. If you think it might help, I would buy it along with some fat syringes. Also, some high-calorie supplement like Nutrical by Vetoquinol. Good luck everyone!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By lili on Nov 20, 2023

Stange consistency, but my cat eats it, so that's what matters.

I have found the consistency is better if I warm up the food and mix it with a bit of water, otherwise it is too rubbery. It isn't that my cat minds it so much, but unless I warm it and mix it with water, when she takes a bite, a huge portion goes in her mouth because it all sticks together. It does seem to help her stool be more firm, which is necessary for her after having an intestinal resection.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Nikki on Nov 11, 2023

IBD friendly

After a recent IBD diagnosis for my three year old cat, I was desperate to try anything that wouldn’t cause vomiting! I’ve paired this with a hydrolyzed protein kibble and not only does he love it, but it hasn’t irritated his GI. Texture is very gelatinous, I try to mush it and mix it with a fork before I give it to him but there have been zero hesitations on his end! Very happy with this product and the speedy delivery.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Katie on Oct 29, 2023

Pretty good

My vet prescribed this for one of my older cats. At first I couldn’t get him to eat it, which was a rather unhappy situation given that it was so expensive. It has a rubbery texture like meat Jello. I eventually tried mixing water with it to make the texture more like traditional wet food and that did the trick- he ate every bite of it and has continued to do so except when I don’t mix water into it. I would recommend it with a caveat. I wish it came in a version that was less dense and more affordable.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lucy on Oct 29, 2023

Don’t give up hope!

My 9 year old tabby had started throwing up every day, and a visit to the vet confirmed he had developed IBS. I must have spent hundreds of dollars in the last two months trying to find a food that he would keep down - and this food was the one that saved the day! The minute we fed him this food, he stopped throwing up and hasn’t thrown up since! We also feed him the dry food version and he keeps that down, too. Don’t give up, cat parents - you WILL find a food that works for your kitty!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Jessica on Nov 23, 2023

They like it!

Im transitioning my cats to a prescription diet this week. When I first opened the can I thought I was going to be sick. The smell bothered me, but luckily they liked it a lot. I hope it helps my eldest cat with his stomach issues.