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Tidy Cats Free & Clean Lightweight Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

By Tidy Cats
Rated 3.835 out of 5 stars
Scent: Free & Clean Unscented
Scent: Free & Clean Unscented
Size: 8.5-lb jug, bundle of 2
Size: 8.5-lb jug, bundle of 2

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  • This unscented clumping cat litter has absolutely no fragrances or dyes and wows with an Ammonia Blocker that prevents ammonia odor for 14 days when used as directed.
  • The low dust cat litter allows for a clean, easy pour and is made with natural clay and mineral product plus a deodorizing system, helping you keep your home smelling fresh.
  • The lightweight litter is easy to carry, pour and store and means less weight, not less litter!
  • Great for your whole feline family, this unscented clumping cat litter features odor-absorbing activated charcoal and forms tight, light clumps for easy scooping.
  • This lightweight kitty litter is crafted by Tidy Cats, the brand most often recommended and personally used by veterinarians.

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Play Video: Learn More About Tidy Cats From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Tidy Cats From Our Team of Experts

There’s a Tidy Cats for That

Outsmart litter box foes with Tidy Cats LightWeight clumping litter. There’s a Tidy Cats LightWeight solution for every challenge, and these clumping, low-dust cat litter varieties make scooping easy with light, tight clumps. Each one prevents ammonia odor for two weeks when used as directed. Find the easy-to-lift, hardworking formula that best fits your home, like 24/7 Performance or Free & Clean Unscented. 

Light, Tight Clumps

These LightWeight formulas form light, tight clumps for easy removal, so you can scoop and move on with your day. 

99.9% Dust-Free Litter

Enjoy a clean pour with 99.9% dust-free formulas that keep litter dust and dusty paws to a minimum.

Half the Weight

50% lighter than regular clumping litter, TC LightWeight litters are tough on odor, but easy to carry, pour and store.

14-Day Ammonia Blocker

Ammonia Blocker stops ammonia odor for 14 days when used as directed, so you can have a fresher-smelling home.

About Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats is America’s #1 litter brand, and it is backed by over 70 years of litter expertise. Their history began when founder Ed Lowe invented kitty litter in 1947, and reinventing litter has been Tidy Cats’ focus ever since. Combining their litter knowledge with everything they learn from pet parents like you, they proudly keep growing their innovative portfolio of litter products in search of the best solutions.​

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Questions & Answers

14 Customer Questions

If I normally buy my regular clumping litter in 40lb bags, how much of this will I need to get the same amount of litter volume-wise?
Answer by ChewyAug 31, 2018
This litter is over 50% lighter. The 8.5 pound jug equals 20 pounds of leading clumping litters. The 12 pound pail equals 27 pound of leading clumping litters and the 17 pound pail equals 35 pounds of leading clumping litters.

Is this plastic pail recyclable? Seems like a huge waste of plastic.
Answer by ChewyDec 15, 2018
This plastic pail is recyclable.

What minerals are used in this product?
Answer by ChewyAug 02, 2019
Tidy Cats litter contains sodium bentonite, perlite, and charcoal in it. The lightweight core used in their LightWeight litter is composed of perlite. It is safe to use in consumer products or food. Scooping litters commonly contain Sodium Bentonite, but rest assured, all of Tidy Cats litter is non-toxic, as such, there are no ingredients that are harmful to people or pets. Tidy Cats conduct extensive testing of their litter products, including for dust, and a safety review by a veterinary toxicologist of all materials used in the manufacturing process.

Does it has a handle to carry?
Answer by ChewyJul 09, 2019
The 17 pound box does not come with a handle.

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Rated 3.835 out of 5 stars
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1182 Customer Reviews

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Quark on May 23, 2023

New formula doesn't clump

I've been using TC Lightweight Unscented litter for years. Starting with an order received in March, it has a new formulation that doesn't clump well. It looks clumped in the litter box at first, but when I scoop it or another cat disturbs it by walking or digging nearby, the clumps fall apart and make a nasty mess that can't be completely scooped out. Sometimes the clumps break apart while being put in the trash, which often results in a broken fragment leaping to its death on the tile floor. Also, this one tracks much worse than the old formula. Chewy says they don't know about a formula change and have shipped me a free replacement, but I've read a lot of complaints online (even here) about the change, so I don't know if I'll get the good old stuff or the bad new stuff. If it's the new formula, I'll have to find a different brand.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Oscar on May 17, 2023

Tidy Cat free&clear litter

This is not my typical litter that I order. I didn't realize I ordered it. Figured I would try it because I do like tidy cat litter. I've been very happy with tidy cat litter. Unfortunately this particular one I was very unhappy with I tried it was not happy with it. It didn't clump like it had said and it didn't help with the odor even though it had the charcoal in it. I will be going back to my other tidy cat litter. Also I found that my cat did not like the litter either so it makes two of us being unhappy with this litter. I ended up going to the store and buying the litter that I had before my cat is very happy now so am I. I changed my audio ship back to the other litter. Like I said before I never used this particular letter before but I figured since I ordered it by accident I would try it and neither one me or Oscar like the litter

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Kris on May 12, 2023

LightWeight/Unscented...Only Part of the Story

I tried this litter for two reasons: 1. Light Weight. My usual purchase was not. As a senior, it is getting harder to lug litter from the front door delivery to where I keep for use. 2. Unscented: Critical because I have allergies. The brand deliveries 100% on both counts. What I learned, however, is lightweight pebbles crush very easily under foot on hard surfaces. And I cant avoid stepping on them. Sometimes I cant even see them on light wood floors and light kitchen tile. Because they crush, they create dust powder and fine debris that is difficult to capture with Sweeper dust wipes. And more difficult to vacuum up as well. But by far the worst downside for me is tracking. This litter tracks worse than anything I have ever used in 30+yrs! I would never buy it again! If I don't vacuum the whole house every day, I have an unbelievable mess. I have two cats who are mostly inside. I am relieved of some clean up when they do their business outside, but that is not consistent. I am totally worn out from the clean-up. If your cats track at all, this is not the litter for you. Even though it excels in the unscented category and is easy to manuever the container and the filled litter boxes to clean. IF you don't want to spend valuable time and energy sweeping up daily debris then go with another litter brand. I cant say enough bad on this count. Very, very disappointing purchase.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Mackenzie on May 2, 2023

I really hate this litter

I was using the regular tidy cats free and clear before trying the lightweight version. I loved the regular formula and with living on the 4th floor of my apartment complex with no elevator, I thought this would be a great option for me. But it is nothing like the other litter. It tracks a lot which doesn't surprise me since it is so light and that doesn't bother me too much, just have to vacuum more often, but it is very dusty and for my senior asthmatic cat, that's not good. The most important thing, covering litter box smell and proper clumping, it just doesn't do. I don't feel like it lasts as long as the regular formula and it doesn't cover the smell at all. The clumps are sticky and fall apart. I tried to make it work just because of how easy it is to carry around and dispose of due to it's lightweight but I can't take it anymore and will be switching back to the regular formula tidy cats free and clear

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By prezddi on May 22, 2023

It is a Little Sloppy

I use an automatic litter box and to save the motor I thought to try a lighter litter. However I set the cleaning timer for 13 minutes and find the clumps to still be overly wet and sloppy. I'm also noticing stronger than normal urine/ammonia smells since switching to this. Is there something I can do to help the product perform better? Or is it just not suitable for automatic litter boxes?

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Birdie on May 26, 2023

I love this product

Tidy Cats, light weight, free and clear litter is what I use with my cats. Light weight came just in time as I am getting older and litter can be heavy. The cats like it, too. We have no accidents. Getting this product by mail is the only way to go. All I have to do is get it in my door. No carrying around.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Maddie on Apr 27, 2023

17-lb box is a different unusable formula

I never write reviews, but I want to caution folks against purchasing the 17-lb box of this litter. I've been using the Tidy Cats Free & Clean Lightweight for well over a year and I'm very familiar with the formula - it's not perfect, the pebbles track a tiny bit and sometimes clumps aren't always the tightest, but these were really minor and overall my two cats and I all like it and it's worked really well for us, so I never understood the negative reviews for this product on Chewy. I'd always bought it in the jugs or in the plastic pail and had no trouble, but Chewy has switched to a box instead of the pail and I have no idea why this is the case, but the formula in the box is entirely different and practically unusable - it's dusty, tracks little pebbles and dusty paw prints all over (and I mean ALL OVER) the house, the floor, the furniture, the clumps fall apart instantly/stay damp and it is much worse at controlling the scent. It's easily the worst litter I've ever used (and I've tried some rough ones). I've since bought both the plastic jugs (on Chewy and in-store) and the pails in-store several times, and those are all the original formula that we know and love. I'm completely baffled as to why the box is a different and horrible formula since it doesn't seem that they've reformulated across all formats, but if you're going to purchase this litter on Chewy, I urge you to only buy it in the jugs. Personally, for the needs of our household, I need the box or pail to reuse for changing out the boxes, so I'm (frustratingly) no longer able to purchase this product from Chewy. It's extremely disappointing, and I hope Chewy will consider returning to selling the original formula pails that can still be bought in stores rather than this truly awful reformulation.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Judy on Apr 20, 2023

Untidy Cats

I was very disappointed with this litter. I need a lightweight litter that I can carry easily, and I need one that has very little dust. Tidy Cats is fine with those things. But there are tiny white things in the litter that stick to my cats' paws. Therefore, they track little white pawprints all over my house!! Every single morning and at times during the day, I find myself mopping the floor, wiping the table and other furniture, and it is getting very old. I'm afraid I must stop ordering it. I shudder to think of them eating that stuff when they try to clean their paws!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Ranger on Apr 12, 2023


I am a first time cat owner. I had purchased some regular cat litter supposedly low dust, well it was terrible and the no dust was not true., so I decided to get this tidy cat brand from Chewy, it was in a 17 pound box. I liked the fact that it does not make a lot of dust at all and is very light. but so much so that my cat gets it everywhere. It sticks to his feet and in between his paws and gets all over the house. The dusty stuff at least stayed in the box. So now I need to try something else, mayby medium weight low dust, I really suck so far as a cat Mommy I think. But will keep trying any suggestions from seasoned cat owners?

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Lucy on May 21, 2023

Dustiest litter eve

I love this litter because it’s lightweight to scoop for this old lady but it’s the dustiest I’ve ever used. I would’ve never changed to this one but they changed the original one somehow. It was harder to scoop out. Thinking of changing brands but I’m afraid she won’t use it.