Tidy Cats Litter for Cats

Tidy Cats litter doesn’t mess around—especially when it comes to litter-related odor. And that’s been the case for almost fifty years. Not only did Purina Tidy Cats cat litter help pioneer the cat litter concept, but this long history of innovation continues to this day. And since Tidy Cats is part of the national pet food company, Purina, consumers can be sure that animals are a top priority. Purina Tidy Cats has spent the last eight decades developing their approach to nutrition, which includes a heavy focus on safety, pet welfare, and sustainability. With a promise to keep quality as their top priority, consumers can enjoy that same dedication with every box of Tidy Cats cat litter, secure in the knowledge that they’re filling their cat litter box with the best product in the business.

Committed to keeping cats and their owners fresh and happy, Tidy Cats’ assortment of cat supplies is made to meet a wide variety of needs, from litter that makes cleanup a breeze to earthy-friendly alternatives that keep an eye on the future. Their variety of cat litter is unbeatable, with unique product lines for Scented and Unscented litter, plus Clumping, Lightweight, Alternative and Maximum Odor Control litter. Purina Tidy Cats cat litter comes in a variety of sizes and weights, and includes litter and bedding types for clay, paper, pine and wood. Whether you prefer to house your cat litter with an automatic self-cleaning litter box or conceal it with a litter box furniture enclosure, you can rely on Purina Tidy Cats litter to keep your home clean and your cat happy.

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