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Zignature Salmon Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Canned Dog Food, 13-oz, case of 12

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Fill your best friend’s bowl with wholesome nutrition when you feed them Zignature Salmon Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Canned Dog Food. Your pup will enjoy a delicious dinner made with real Salmon from the Northwestern US, wholesome peas, chickpeas, and alfalfa meal. This meat-first recipe offers pups the protein they need to thrive, while Zignature’s limited ingredient recipe throws out troublesome ingredients like chicken, corn, wheat, soy, and potatoes, creating peak hypoallergenic, low-glycemic nutrition. Combine that with key antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals for a well-rounded meal that goes beyond nature to become your pet’s signature food for life.

Key Benefits
  • Grain-free, limited ingredient formula is made with one protein source and only a handful of other ingredients, creating a clean recipe with ingredients you can count on.
  • Protein rich salmon from the Northwest United States is the first ingredient and supports healthy skin and a soft coat.
  • Wholesome peas and chickpeas round out the recipe with powerful antioxidants and fiber-rich, low-glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Free of the most common potential canine allergens: corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and chicken, making this recipe ideal for pups with sensitivities and picky eaters.
  • Complete and balanced diet that's formulated for all life stages.

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  • Food Form
    Wet Food
  • Special Diet
    Grain-Free, Limited Ingredient Diet, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Chicken-Free, Natural
Nutritional Info

Salmon, Fish Broth, Salmon Meal, Peas, Chickpeas, Agar-Agar, Sun-Cured Alfalfa Meal, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Minerals (Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Magnesium Proteinate, Sodium Selenite, Calcium Iodate), Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Niacin Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Vitamin A Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid), Taurine, L-Carnitine.

Caloric Content

411 kcal/can

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein10.5% min
Crude Fat6.5% min
Crude Fiber1.5% max
Moisture78.0% max
Feeding Instructions
WeightDaily Feeding (Cans)Daily Feeding with Zignature Dry Dog Food (Cans + Cups)
Up to 10 lbs1/4 - 11/2 + 1/4
18 lbs1 - 1 1/21/2 + 3/4
25 lbs1 1/2 - 1 3/41 + 1 2/3
50 lbs1 3/4 - 31 + 2 1/4
80 lbs3 - 4 1/41 + 2 1/2
100 lbs4 1/4 - 51 + 3

Feeding amounts may vary by breed, activity level, temperament and climate.

Transition Instructions

While it’s perfectly safe to stop feeding your dog’s previous food one day and introduce Zignature® the next, we recommend a gradual transition to Zignature® for up to 2 weeks. This is especially true if your dog has been previously fed a high Grain, Corn, Wheat or Soy diet. Start by introducing a small amount of Zignature®, increasing it daily while decreasing the previous food by the same amount. This will help avoid an upset stomach as it makes it easier for your pet’s digestive system to acclimate.


What sets Zignature® apart from other pet foods?

Unlike many commercially available pet foods which contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates as their first or second ingredient, Zignature® recipes are based on a limited ingredient, meat first philosophy. Meat or fish is always the main ingredient, backed by animal meal or fish meal as the second ingredient. And we only use low glycemic carbohydrates such as Chickpeas and Peas that also provide needed fiber. Our foods are guaranteed to contain only the finest wholesome ingredients, with no cheap fillers, providing superior nutrition and minimizing potential allergies.Why are meat protein and meat and fish meal so important as the first 2 ingredients?All Zignature® recipes are based on a meat first philosophy because dogs are carnivores, and require high-quality animal protein to thrive. The first listed ingredient in any pet food is vitally important, because there’s more of that ingredient than any other. Not only is meat the first ingredient in all our recipes, it’s backed by meat or fish meal as the second ingredient. Compare this to many well-known pet foods that use cheap, high-starch carbohydrate fillers as their first or second ingredient, and you’ll quickly see why Zignature® offers your pet the correct nutrition for enhanced vitality.

Where do your ingredients come from?

We get our ingredients from quality sources around the world. Our Trout, Salmon and Whitefish come from the Pacific Northwest; Turkey from the Midwestern United States; farm-raised Duck from Western France; Lamb from the farmlands of New Zealand; and our Kangaroo comes from Australia. In addition, our fruits and vegetables are from farms across North America, depending on the growing seasons; our Vitamins and Minerals come from both North America and France.

Are Zignature® products manufactured in the United States?

Yes, all of our recipes are manufactured here in the United States.

Where are your kitchens located?

We develop and craft our recipes with our nutritionists and food scientists and make our products in Perham, Minnesota, and Mitchell, South Dakota.

Why are Zignature® products ideal for pets with food sensitivities and allergies?

Because every one of our recipes are free of the most common canine allergens: Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Chicken and Eggs. Our limited-ingredient, nutritionally complete diets feature quality meats and high-grade animal meal as the first and second ingredients, with no cheap fillers like high-glycemic carbohydrates commonly found in other pet foods, even those claiming to be ‘premium.’

My dog is allergic to chicken. Does Zignature® contain any chicken, chicken fat, chicken meal or chicken by-products?

No Zignature® recipes contain any Chicken, Chicken Fat, Chicken Meals or Chicken By-Products whatsoever.

Why is it important that Zignature® contains no corn, grain, wheat, soy or dairy?

This is essential to your pet’s well being, because Corn, Wheat, Soy and Dairy have all been identified as potential canine allergens.

Why is it important that Zignature® contains no potatoes?

Potatoes have been identified as a high-glycemic carbohydrate for dog food. Zignature® only uses low glycemic carbohydrates such as whole Chickpeas, and garden Peas which also provide valuable soluble and insoluble fiber. 

Zignature® may be healthy, but will my dog like it?

Loaded with meats your dog craves, such as Duck, Lamb, and Turkey, our recipes aren’t just highly nutritious, they’re delicious as well. And we guarantee it. If your dog doesn’t eat it, simply return the bag or can for a full refund.

Does Zignature® contain any artificial flavors, preservatives or colors?

No, and it never will. The ingredients in our recipes are fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals for complete canine nutrition. 

**How will Zignature® affect my dogs stool? **

No matter what food you were previously feeding your pet, you should notice a difference in your canine’s stool quality. It should become more firm and smaller in size by the third day of feeding Zignature®.

What makes Zignature® a low-glycemic food and why is this important?

All of our recipes are free from binding agents that are high in the simple carbohydrates and starches found in many pet foods, even those claiming to be premium. Instead, we only use low glycemic ingredients, such as Chickpeas to bind our food. These legumes also provide necessary soluble and insoluble fiber.

*Do you do perform any invasive animal testing in developing your products?

No, and we never will. Our company was founded on the basis of providing the best possible nutrition for your dog, from responsibly sourced ingredients. Like you, we treat pets like family members. To fine-tune our recipes, we conduct trials where our food is fed to pets. This is done in a comfortable, stress-free environment for the animals.

Is Zignature® easy to rotate between flavors with my sensitive canine?

Because Zignature® products are formulated to have similar nutrient profiles it is a great rotational diet. If your dog is sensitive to certain proteins we recommend that you try to stay within protein groups with your rotation (fish with fish, poultry with poultry, meat with meat, etc.)*Please Note: Our diets are not intended to treat or address the specific needs of any particular medical condition. Please contact your vet for information regarding specific medical conditions.

How long is food good once it’s opened?

Due to Zignature’s high meat content; once Zignature’s dry food is opened, it should be consumed within 90 days. When wet food is opened, it should be consumed within 3 days. All Zignature® products should be stored indoors, preferably in a re-sealable container, or in the original packaging rolled tightly to maintain an airtight seal. Refrigeration is not required for dry food. For ideal storage, keep your canine’s food in a cool, dark, dry room with a temperature between 40 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Zignature® foods have a maximum shelf-life of 18 months after packaging before expiration. Do not use after expiration date. 

What is AAFCO and is Zignature® AAFCO approved?

AAFCO stands for Association of American Feed Control Officials. Zignature® recipes are formulated to meet all the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. This certifies that Zignature® is a nutritionally complete product that can be fed to your pet as its sole ration without adding any other substance except water.

What if my pet doesn’t like Zignature®?

All of our recipes have been carefully crafted and tested to be as delicious as they are nutritious, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But if your dog doesn’t agree, you can return the unused portion with your receipt for a full refund.

Does Zignature® make cat food?

Not yet, but we’re currently developing recipes for our feline friends. Until then, we recommend Fussie Cat, a high quality cat food line made in human-grade plants which is also produced by Pets Global.

About Zignature Dog Food

Learning From Nature

Learning From Nature

Zignature took all of nature's best ingredients and added key nutrients to create a dog food with complete nutrition. In these Physiologically Tuned formulas, meat always comes first, and they've eliminated common allergy-inducing proteins and fillers that are hard to digest. These grain- and gluten-free recipes feature premium proteins, low glycemic carb sources and a limited number of ingredients. It's exactly what your pup should be eating—nothing more, and nothing less.

Meat-First Philosophy

The first ingredient in any list is the most important, because it tells you what the majority of the food is made of. Some commercial pet foods take the easy way out with high-starch carbs near the top of the list. In each of Zignature's dry foods, meat not only comes first, but also second. A quality animal protein source starts off the recipe, followed by a meat or fish meal for an extra helping of the amino acids your pet needs and the flavor he craves.

Recipe for a Happy Tummy

Recipe for a Happy Tummy

All of Zignature's formulas are free of the most common canine allergen—chicken. And that includes chicken eggs, meal and by-products. As hypoallergenic foods, both wet and dry formulas also avoid the usual sources of stomach upset, including gluten, grains, corn, wheat, soy and dairy. Zignature never uses binding agents that are full of simple carbs and starches; instead, these recipes have low glycemic legumes that deliver extra protein and fiber.

Simple Is Best

Zignature isn't just the diet nature intended—it's even better. They've improved on nature's recipe to give your pup the right amount of each nutrient, and they've done it with the fewest possible ingredients. Just like meals in the wild, these recipes are limited in content for easy digestion and less chance of food sensitivities. These limited ingredient diets have single protein sources, so they're easy to rotate to give your dog a taste of something new.

Simple Is Best
Only the Best Ingredients

Only the Best Ingredients

To create these nourishing dishes, Zignature gathered the best possible ingredients from trusted sources around the world. Trout, salmon and whitefish all come from the Pacific waters of the Northwest; turkey is raised in the Midwest; duck comes from farms in Western France; kangaroo is brought over from Australia; and venison and lamb are delivered from New Zealand farmlands. Healthy fruits and veggies are harvested from several North American farms based on the season.


Zignature makes nutritious formulas with no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

CHICKPEAS: Low-glycemic legumes that promote stable blood sugar and provide an excellent source of dietary fiber, extra protein and copper.

FLAXSEED: Derived from whole, ground seeds of the Flax plant for an outstanding offering of omega-3 fatty acids for coat health, plus soluble fiber for digestion.

ALFALFA MEAL: A natural grass that's rich in vitamins A and C, niacin and calcium, and it also makes a great source of protein and fiber.

SUNFLOWER OIL: Pressed from sunflower oil, it supplies the omega-6 essential fatty acids that your pet needs to maintain skin and coat health.

Pick Your Pup's New Zignature Meal

Fish Crude Protein (Dry)

Poultry Crude Protein (Dry)

Meat Crude Protein (Dry)

Zssential Multiple
Crude Protein (Dry)

Trout & Salmon: 30% Turkey: 27% Lamb: 28% Turkey,
Salmon, Lamb
and Duck: 32%
Salmon: 29% Duck: 31% Kangaroo: 26%  
Whitefish: 29%   Venison: 27%
(dry only)

About Zignature

Zignature pet food takes its cue from nature, and then fills in the nutritional gaps for meals that are Physiologically Tuned to help your pup thrive. It's made in kitchens in Minnesota and South Dakota with the help of nutritionists and food scientists to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. Ingredients are responsibly sourced and selected not just for their health benefits and nutritional value, but also because they have the smallest environmental impact. All of this adds up to formulas that are great for dogs and good for the planet, too.

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