Cat Car Accessories

Car travel is often a necessary part of being a pet owner, but it's not always the most fun. Cats can become anxious and fearful during car trips whether short or long. Stress and anxiety cause your cat to act out, which can include scratching at you and your car interior. With the right cat car accessories, like a cat carrier and all the other great travel products you’ll find here, you can protect yourself, your precious pet and your car interior. The Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Hammock Seat Covers helps your cat enjoy long car rides, while protecting your seats. The Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bench Seat Cover provides your cat with a cushioned place to rest her paws during car travel. Make car travel safe with a car barrier from MidWest cat travel products. The MidWest Wire Mesh Universal Car Barrier keeps pets from climbing or clawing at you while you're driving. For a less intrusive car barrier, consider the K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Pet Barrier. The rigid design fills the gap between the driver and passenger front seat, helping to keep your cat in the back seat. The handy mesh pouches are a great place to store cat treats, cat toys, and other necessities for your trip. Distractions can cause accidents, so keeping your pet calm and in place during car trips is vital to your safety. Cats love to perch. They feel safe when they are able to see far in front of them. Help your feline feel at ease during car travel with the K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat. Your cat will be held in place thanks to a buckled strap, but also have the ability to peer ahead. From a cat car harness to cat car seat covers, Chewy's online pet store, where you’ll find the best cat supplies & accessories, has everything you need for car travel with your purring pet. And turn to Chewy for other great products like cat costumes, cat tunnels, cat doors or a convenient automatic cat feeder.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Car Accessories

What are the best car accessories for cats?

The best cat car accessories will keep your cat safe and comfortable on trips and protect your car from messes and damage. Look for cat travel carriers that can be fastened securely in your vehicle and other car accessories suited to your cat's temperament and habits. Some cats may be able to travel in open cat car seats or travel hammocks, but most will do better in a fully enclosed carrier. Cat carriers are usually the safest choice for car travel, too.

What cat car accessories should I buy to keep my cat safe and comfortable?

You should buy fully enclosed car accessories to keep your cat safe and comfortable. Properly secured soft or hard-sided carriers are usually best because they provide maximum protection in case of a hard stop or accident. They also help give your kitty a sense of security and comfort while you are on the road. Leash-trained cats may be able to ride in open car seats or car hammocks, but you will need to use a leash and harness car restraint to properly secure them in the car for safety.

Do cats like car seats?

Some cats like car seats, but they are not recommended for cats who are not leash trained or accustomed to travelling in cars. Many cats become frightened on car rides, so securing them in an enclosed travel carrier is usually the best choice. If your kitty is leash trained and has a calm temperament during travel, you may be able to use a car seat for short trips. Just be sure to properly secure the seat—and your cat—on every trip.