Dog Doormats

There will be no mistake about who really runs the household when visitors see the prominent dog doormat that greets them at the front door. Give your porch or front entrance a little personality with one of our dog-inspired, funny doormats. You’re sure to be top dog on the block with a decorative yet functional dog doormat to welcome friends and neighbors to your home.

You don’t want to be caught without a place for guests to wipe their feet on the way in, especially when the weather’s bad. Instead of getting a regular, boring doormat, pet lovers can pick out cute dog doormats or funny doormats with a dog theme right here at Chewy as they shop for their regular pet supplies. Dog doormats also make practical gifts for dog lovers for any occasion.

We carry dog doormats for outdoors and indoors. Outdoor mats are durable and made to withstand the weather. They’re abrasive on top to help remove dirt and mud from shoes and have a non-skid backing to help them stay put. Indoor dog doormats give you double the protection for your floors with super-absorbent material that soaks up wetness. You can use them under water bowls or in vehicles for pups to sit on after a trip to the dog park or being out in rainy or snowy weather. For easy cleaning, they can go right in the washing machine.

You’ll find funny doormats and those that make a statement, like “Wipe your paws” or “Home is where someone runs to greet you.” Whether you’re browsing for dog lover gifts or shopping for yourself, there’s sure to be a dog doormat that’s the perfect fit.

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