Electric Cat Fence Systems

Your feline friend can get into all sorts of trouble when left alone in your home or out in the yard. Keep your curious cat out of trouble with an indoor cat fence or outdoor cat enclosures. Indoor cat proofing can help keep your purring pet away from cleaning supplies, medications, fragile treasures, wires and more. Cats are in danger in a home that isn't safety proofed for cats. Safety proofing your home for your pet starts with locking up cleaning supplies. This prevents your cat from licking, chewing or eating cleaning products like bleach you may have laying around. Be mindful of medications by keeping them in a secure cabinet. Cats can find and snack on dropped pills, which may end up in a trip to the vet. Stow away fragile items that cats can't damage while exploring your home. It's also important to unplug cords, and tie knots in any hanging cords to prevent your cat from chewing or chocking. Cats enjoy chewing on grass and plants, but some plant types are deadly to cats. Even non-poisonous plants can cause vomiting and diarrhea. To prevent your cat from entering areas of the yard that may be dangerous Chewy offers a wide varierty of cat repellent and training aids. Simply spray the area in which you don't want your cat to enter and let the spray go to work, keeping your cat away from those dangerous areas. Cat proofing your home can be a challenging and time-consuming process. An indoor cat fence is an easy way to keep your cat from getting into dangerous situations. Chewy carries a wide variety of cat enclosure products that can help keep your possessions, and your playful cat. Cat gates are the easiest way to block off potentially dangerous areas of your house. If a gate is not enough, try the PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier which is an invisible fence for cats that helps keep them away from your breakables, and protects them from harm. The invisible barrier is created by emitting a high-pitched tone and static correction. Simply place the collar on your cat and turn on the device. Your cat will receive a safe static correction when she passes through certain areas to remind her where it's safe to play. The PetSafe Pawz Away Extra Collar is a lightweight cat collar that is safe for both indoor and outdoor use, designed to use static correction to keep your cat away from dangerous areas. If you have an outdoor cat, think about installing a cat door which allows your cat to enter and exit the house as they please. For those outdoor cats think about using PetSafe Boundary Flags which help train your cat to stay away from marked areas. Chewy online pet store has all of your cat supplies covered!

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