Small Pet Food

Small pets can see a massive boost with the help of wholesome, well-formulated food and treats. Chewy carries the very best rabbit food, hamster food, guinea pig food, gerbil food, chinchilla food, ferret food, mouse food and rat food, hedgehog food, and sugar glider food. Your small animal pet will love the added energy, healthy digestion and delicious taste of various hays and fortified foods and treats.

Timothy grass, often referred to as cat's tail, is used to produce a major cornerstone of many small pets' diets, timothy hay. This wonderful feed is rich in beneficial, long-strand fiber, making it an excellent addition to your small pet's food. It features a naturally abrasive texture that helps grind down teeth as your pet chews, keeping them trim and healthy. If you have a young, growing pet, or one with special nutrition needs such as a sick, pregnant or nursing pet, alfalfa hay can be a great dietary addition. Alfalfa contains higher concentrations of protein and calcium than timothy hay which can be highly beneficial to pets with a need for it. For healthy, adult small pets, stick with timothy grass, as too much calcium can have detrimental effects. For the very best nutrition, look for timothy hay or alfalfa hay that is all natural, with no artificial colors, dyes or preservatives. Timothy hay or alfalfa hay should be included in your small pet's diet but should not comprise of the entire meal.

While they provide the bulk of nutrient needed, about 75%, your pet will need a small balance of specially formulated food to fulfill her nutritional needs. For the other quarter of your pet's diet, look for specialized blends of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts, made just for your small animal. They provide a complete diet that helps ensure proper nutrition for a healthy immune system and growth. Look for blends with real, dried ingredients you can actually identify. This indicates that they are closer to their natural form, and therefore are more likely to retain more of their original nutrients. And when it comes to treating, be sure not to go overboard. Only a couple of treats daily will ensure you and your little friend have valuable bonding time, while avoiding throwing off your small pet's balance or adding extra weight to her frame.

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