Gerbil Food

Feeding your gerbil a healthy diet can be the key to ongoing good health, so find a good prepared gerbil food for your pet and feed it consistently alongside fresh fruits and veggies every day. Chewy offers a great selection of gerbil food for sale, including gerbil food pellets, pet gerbil food mixes, pet gerbil hay and more. You’ll also find treats, supplements and other goodies on our site to help keep your gerbil in great spirits and flourishing health.

The best gerbil food is usually pelleted food, as it contains a complete and balanced mix of the protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals your pet needs to thrive. You can find many packaged seed, grain, fruit and veggie muesli-style mixes for your gerbils, but sometimes gerbils will pick out the seeds and sugary dried fruits and leave the rest, resulting in a decidedly unbalanced diet. Try feeding mainly a pelleted diet or monitoring your gerbil to make sure she’s eating all the different components of her mixed food.

Supplement your gerbil’s packaged diet with a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. Gerbils love fruit snacks like pears, apples, melons and bananas, and they enjoy fresh carrots, cucumber, pumpkin and many other garden veggies, too. Avoid feeding onions, iceberg lettuce and rhubarb, as they contain toxic compounds. You can also occasionally feed your gerbil small quantities of yogurt, cooked egg or white meat and cheese as a special snack. Gerbils benefit from being fed hay a few times a week, as well, and timothy hay, orchard grass and oat hay varieties are big hits with most gerbils.

You can sprinkle gerbil pellets or gerbil treats around your gerbil cage to encourage natural foraging behaviors—they love to dig in the gerbil bedding for goodies, and they will often stash food in there for later, too. You’ll still need to set up a feeding station in your cage with gerbil feeders and bowls for giving food and hay and a gerbil water bottle to provide a steady supply of fresh water. Chewy carries all the gerbil supplies you need to keep your furry friends well-fed and healthy and your cage well-appointed and clean. Shop our great selection of gerbil food and get started setting up the perfect banquet for your pet!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of food do gerbils eat?

Gerbils eat a diet of seeds, grains, berries, hay, leaves and more in the wild, so a good packaged gerbil food should have a mix of protein, fat, carbohydrates and added vitamins that mimics this. Muesli-type gerbil foods contain a mix of seeds, fruits, veggies and grains that's not unlike what gerbils eat in the wild, but gerbils will sometimes pick the calorie-dense components out and leave the rest. Pellet-style packaged diets for gerbils will avoid this issue and ensure your gerbil is getting all the nutrition he needs for good health.

Do gerbils eat fruit and veggies?

Gerbils eat fruit and veggies and should be fed fresh snacks of these a few times a week. Be careful not to feed too much—a teaspoon or so will do—as the high water content of these can upset your gerbil’s stomach. Take care to remove any uneaten fresh snacks after a few hours to prevent spoiling, too. Snacks like apples and carrots are good gerbil treats, as are pears, berries and leafy greens like parsley.

How do I set up Autoship on my gerbil food?

Set up Autoship on your gerbil food order by clicking the Autoship option at checkout. You can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and change the quantities and timing of your orders at any time. You can also cancel Autoship if your needs should change with no hassle. Never run out of gerbil food again with Chewy’s convenient set it and forget it Autoship service!

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